1,2,3…Decorating with Numerals

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Pictures of Numbers!

Decorating with numbers is one of my favorite things to do.  Not everyone has been bitten by the number bug and that’s apparent when I have someone over and they ask what the numbers mean on my dishes.  I just tell them that I like to decorate with numerals.  This is when they look at me like I have two heads. Does it bother me?


 Number Stencil

If you also like numbers, then you are going to FALL OVER when you see today’s feature.  I found them from participating in Get Your Craft On!

Sisters of the Wild West

pottery barn numeral decor

I think I’m going to name them the Stencil Queens!  They’re really good.  Lucky for us they have several tutorials to show you how they did it.  painted numeral decor

They are SO good that they also have an Etsy shop where they sell their stenciled signs as well as some other pretties.  I love this Lake sign.  It would look perfect at the Lake my husbands family has a place.

painted and distressed wood sign

Now here’s something I think will rock your socks.   Would you look at the drop cloth canvas they painted with family shaped silhouettes?  Dang……..I love that!  Lucky for you, they have a tutorial.  I’m thinking that looks like a labradoodle in the silhouette….. painted silhouettes on a drop cloth canvas I checked out their “about” page and not only do I think they have 2 of them, but they have an entire football team of kids between them.  I bet they have fun.  Cute families.

Their site is FULL, I mean really FULL of painted furniture ideas.  You will leave so inspired!  She has a full post on getting really sick of her forest green bathroom and decided just to paint EVERYTHING!  The tile, the counters and even the faucet!  Who says room updates have to be expensive?spray paint brass faucets


I love this Chevron, I mean ZIG ZAG table. chevron design painted table I can’t look at a chevron design without thinking about my friend Jen with Tatortots and Jello.

Alrighty……You know what your job is…….head on over and leave them a big juicy comment letting them know how you found them!  Go surprise them……….cuz remember.  I never tell people ahead of time they are featured.  Never!

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  1. nik says

    They make it all look so easy, you can’t help but be inspired and get started! Thanks for the link!