Organize {meal plan}

This time of year makes us want to organize.  Organize our closet, organize our homes, organize our menus.  I was chatting with Stephanie from Crockpot365 (a past feature) today and she told me she has this other site.  WHAT?  And I didn’t know about it?  Based on her 365 theory, she helps us clean up our act………….no really…….she’s got ideas to keep you going daily.

Totally Together Journal

You won’t find pretty photos to distract you……you gotta bring your serious game……..because we all know that cleaning is serious business.  YOU MUST NOT HAVE FUN.  :)

But she makes it do able.   Gives you a plan……a daily plan.  She makes it creative and we love that.  She has four categories:

Meal Planning

She has lots of tips for meal planning.  She also has 2 cookbooks.  I have the yellow one…….she sent it to me when it first came out.  I am even mentioned in the Thank you!  If I could have framed it I would have.  She thanked me for featuring her when her CrockPot365 blog was brand new.  She thinks it all because of me that she became popular.  As much as I would LOVE to believe that…….I think she would have been just fine without me.  But that’s my claim to fame….I’m in a cookbook!  I have tried many of her recipes and I love them.  They are all gluten free if you’re a wheat free person.  You can buy them on Amazon.

Clean less Play More-

You’ll find great tips like the Daily 7.

Number 1: Make Beds Right Away

Number 2: Do One Complete Load of Laundry

Number 3: Empty All Garbage Cans

Number 4: Keep Your Kitchen Sink Empty

Number 5: Clean Up After Yourself and Help Children Do the Same

Number 6: Bathroom Wipe-Down

Number 7: Before Bed 10-Minute Clean Up

Personal Development:

On March 1, 2010, I would like to:

On June 1, 2010, I would like to:

On September 1, 2010, I would like to:

On December 31, 2010, I would like to:



P urge

R emove

O rganize

M aintain

Sounds like a good system to me.  This will keep us off the show Hoarders.

Whew………all  my problems are solved.  I will be all that and a bag of chips if I do all this with a meal in my crockpot!  God love her.

Go tell Stephanie how wonderful she is.  I love her, so will you.




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  1. EFY says

    Its always great to have some help keeping organized. I like the Daily 7 ~ we do most of them, so adding a little more should be easy. Blessings!

  2. FoxyMomma says

    thanks for the daily tips. we usually try to do a 15 min clean up before bed.. and it helps so much! my hubby starts school next week & it’s always hard to keep the house clean & organized when i have a toddler who needs my attention. but i think i will use some of these tips! thank you!

  3. says

    oh Kim, you continuously surprise me and brighten my day.
    Thank you.

    I had such a ball chatting with you yesterday—thank you SO much for spending your afternoon with me. I adore you!
    oxox steph

  4. Lynnie says

    I totally wasn’t going to admit that I need to get my act together this year….but you are forcing me to! Thanks for sharing!