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Do you have any cooking disaster secrets?
I do………..like the time I put in the peeling from the garlic clove in the chili instead of the clove……..I didn’t know. I thought that was the good part………I know….what can I say? Now had this blog been around way back when I didn’t know about garlic cloves, I would have had a much better chili.

Yummy Recipes

Kate and Sarah with Our Best Bites has a very user friendly cooking blog. I’m a visual learner, so all their recipe great photos of each step keeps me calm and confident that I too can make whatever delicious meal they’ve posted.
I also want to thank them for becoming one of my sponsors.

As mentioned, their site is very user friendly. They have a link for Tips and Tutorials……….God love’m. In fact they have a soft spot for cooks like me because they even have a HOW TO for garlic…….see. our best bites crushing garlicThis could have saved me years of ridicule………my friend Marla still laughs at me. If she could see me now…….I even have a garlic press………and the jumbo size jar of chopped garlic in the fridge.

I LOVE seeing all the ingredients needed for a recipe. I don’t know why, but it takes the “too hard” factor out of it.

lime cilantro dressing recipeLime Cilantro Dressing

These lovely ingredients make this yummy looking dressing………. Creamy Lime Cilantro Dressing. The name says “don’t make me, I’m too difficult” but after seeing their photos……..I can do it! If I remember correctly, they used this on their Chili Lime Steak Salad…….OH MY!

recipe for lime cilantro dressingThai Dish

How about this Thai Peanut number? This is something I plan to make very soon!
thai dish recipe

Dessert Recipe

Great desserts too. They really have a bit of everything on their site. The Pizzookie……..I’ve had this at a pizza parlor once and never once thought about making it at home………….until now!
Pizzookie recipe ingredients
I think I have ALL those things in my fridge RIGHT NOW!pizookie dessertLove their photos…………

Silk Died Easter Eggs

You’re probably wondering why all these eggs are wrapped in fabric.
Cute……..but………..eggs dyed silk tiesThat fabric is actually silk ties……..Why do they have eggs wrapped ties? Did I miss this decor idea in the latest Country Living?

dying eggs with silk ties

Is it some new “green” way to use your old neck ties?

easter egg tie dying
OH DEAR MOTHER OF PEARL………….. can you believe it? The dye transfers onto the eggs. Is that the most original idea of 2009 so far? They have a TUTORIAL, so we can all copy them and have wonderful decorated eggs for our Easter table to impress everyone around us. dying eggs with silk tiesStunned……….

dying easter eggs with silk ties
Our poor husbands will not have one tie left in their closets………..they needed new ones anyway didn’t they?



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