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Painting Wood Furniture

If you’ve been reading TCB for awhile, then it’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of painting furniture.  I loved painted furniture!  And if it’s distressed painted furniture, then even better!

Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect. I love that saying.  Reminds me of Melissa and The Nester. It doesn’t have to be perfect you know.  So so true. It just has to be YOU.

Once again, I totally thought I had already featured this blogger.  But according to my search bar, I didn’t.   And she doesn’t have me listed on her featured list………..OR HER BLOG ROLL…………GASP!

She has a wonderful style in painting her furniture finds.  She even has an ebook if you’re interested in learning as well.  What I love about her style, is it has that aged weathered look.  Beautiful.

Before & After Furniturebefore and after painted furniture

I have seen so many of these dining room sets on Craigs list.  Do you think they would be selling them if they knew they could just paint them and have it look like this?painting a dining room table

She has so many more fun projects on her blog.  Easy to navigate and I’m sure you’ll find something to keep you busy.  Lots of Ballard and Pottery Barn inspired projects.remodeld bathroom with clawfoot tubOh how I miss my old claw foot tub.

She gives you a glimpse inside her home and many of her rooms.  This kids playroom is darling.  Play room decor

She calls this her “writing room”.  What a perfect space.  Love how she uses an old table for her desk. decorating office space

I couldn’t help notice several Southern Living at HOME pieces in her home.  I have many of them myself.

I hope you enjoy her blog and don’t miss her video on how she restored a gorgeous piece.  I just KNEW she was going to have a cute southern drawl.




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  1. Inspire Me Heather says

    I’ve been a fan of Perfectly Imperfect for some time now – great ideas and love her style!

  2. says

    I love this blogger!! I have a few new pieces of furniture that I am getting ready to paint as well and this is a WONDERFUL inspiration!!! Thank you so much for sharing =)

  3. Charlotte Knox says

    What great designs and ideas. Thanks for sharing this with us. I am always thrilled to find new blogs (to me) with inspiring ideas,

  4. says

    I am always so *shocked* by the difference a little bit of paint can make–even spray painting an old picture frame. It looks so easy on decorating shows, and I’m still terrified to try it for myself!
    Perhaps I need to visit this site!
    Thanks so much for the idea! :)

  5. teresa says

    Hey Sweet~Girl!
    Long time no chat!
    Miss you!
    I must pop over to this girlies blog!
    We’ve got a BROWN piece of furniture…yep…you heard me….BROWN piece of furniture
    in our bedroom.
    Bottom line…Greg wants to keep it BROWN.
    I want to shabby it up WHITE!
    What’s a girl that DOES not see the BEAUTY in BROWN to do?
    Hey…I think I’ll let my readers decide!
    Hope they don’t want to keep it BROWN!
    Hugs my FRIEND!

  6. Margi Kenny says

    I have been doing this method for quite some time. Love your blog and newsletter. Thanks for sharing your ideas!
    Margi Kenny

  7. says

    Thanks for all your cute ideas! I’m just about to get into a house(we hope if, if everything goes smoothly) and try out all your great ideas! Thanks for your great linky parties too! I love your blog!


  8. Kathryn Cain says

    o to have a house like this…Mine is more we live here…and we have lots of collections…love the table

  9. Debbie says

    Would love to repeat the table above on my kitchen set but can’t seem to find anything about it on Perfectly Imperfect. Could you please let me know where I can find it thank you.