Painted Pots and Baskets

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Painted Pots and Baskets {Home DIY}

Painted Pots and Baskets by TwelveOeight for

Hey there! I am so excited to be back sharing another fun DIY project with you today!!
If we haven’t already met, I’m Tanya, and I write about food, crafts and fun home decor
ideas at my blog twelveOeight.
With warmer weather approaching, and Mother’s Day just around the corner, I thought
it would be fun to paint some flower pots today. Two of the containers I used are just
everyday terra cotta pots. The third container is a plastic-lined basket that I received
some flowers in recently.
But they all had one thing in common for sure.
They needed some paint in a bad way if they were going to stick around for summer.
Painted Pots and Baskets by TwelveOeight for
Here is what I used to turn these ho-hum containers into fun, geometric pots all ready to fill!
Painted Pots and Baskets by TwelveOeight for
  • Planters or pots that need some pizzaz
  • Acrylic paints in your choice of colors
  • Foam or natural craft paint brushes
  • Masking or Washi tape to create patterns
  • Water-based Poly sealer spray (Minwax makes a great one!)

Painted Pots and Baskets by TwelveOeight for


To make the blue, white and orange Ikat style pot, begin by painting the pot white (two coats) and allow
it to dry well. Once the paint is dry, use a navy or dark royal blue to paint first a stripe around the top,
then a freehand zig-zag pattern in the blue around the middle. Don’t reload your brush to pull the blue
out to create the feathered effect, but use small quick strokes to create a fuzzy edge all around the center
with the paint it already has on it.
Next, use a bit of orange paint to make a fuzzy triangle in each open area, with barely any orange paint
loaded onto your clean brush. These colors really pop together, I love them!

For the yellow zig-zag pot, tape off a clean vertical chevron design around the pot, and paint the
exposed areas yellow. Once the yellow paint is dry, dry brush on some turquoise over the
exposed terra cotta once the tape is removed. Then, add a bit of burnt orange to the center of
each section, dry brushing bits of it all around the pot.

The basket design is super easy (forgive me, I was out of masking and Frog tape so I used Washi tape, shame!)
I used aqua and a spring leaf green for this container. The trick to painting a clean line on a surface like
this is sealing the tape as firmly as possible, and painting away from the tape. This way the paint is
not being brushed up underneath the edge of the tape. It works pretty good!
After you have painted your triangles, allow the paint to partially dry, remove the tape and let the paint
dry completely before filling your new sassy container.


Painted Pots and Baskets by TwelveOeight for
The last step is to spray the outside and inside of the two terra cotta pots in a well ventilated area,
this seals the water from coming in or out and ruining all of your pretty art. The basket is lined and
I will be using it inside so I didn’t seal it, but you could if you were concerned about the paint
being exposed to moisture. A daily occurrence here in Washington State!
Painted Pots and Baskets by TwelveOeight for

Thank you SO much for crafting with me, and a big hug & thank you Kim for sharing
your wonderful creative space with me today!!

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Come on over and say hello, thank you again for getting crafty with me today friends!!


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