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Ok, now for more good stuff…………….

I have read this blog since the beginning of my blog reading days.  I have wanted to feature her ever since I started this blog.  I never thought I could do her justice.  I also thought that everyone already knows her…………it’s kind of like me featuring Martha Stewart.  You would just think “well DUH Kim, give us someone we don’t know about”.

Posie gets Cozy

I’m also a bit speechless when it comes to Alicia’s blog and site.  Me………speechless?  She is the queen of craft.  She’s a published author! image And has had lots of press coverage.  Martha really should team up with her.  Very very very talented at all the founding crafts.  She sews, she crochets, she does all kinds of stuff with needles…..she cooks, she bakes……she’s a traditionalist with her creative adventures.  She’s also a great writer.  She’s incredibly candid, humble and interesting to read.  You feel like one of her friends just by reading.  That’s probably why I once had a dream she baked me blueberry muffins and served them to me on the cutest plate.  Mmmm, and they were the best muffins I’d ever had.  And because of her, my love for Corgi’s was born. image I wanted a Corgi SO badly. Not that I would trade my girl Mabie for anything…..I’m a true Labradoodle girl now, but I can’t look at a Corgi without thinking of Alicia.

Her studio is to die for!  image This is where the magic happens.image

In addition to her blog, she has a site where she sells bits of her talents.  Original items, sometimes kits.

These birds are a popular item.  image She even has a few free patterns…….like these dish towels.  Do you really think she’d be without the dishtowels our grandmothers had?  She is all about celebrating the simple pleasures of the past.image Her photographs are beautiful.  See?  Simple pleasures.  She’s also got a thing for vintage dishes.imageShe can also make a colander full of Cherries look like art.image

More examples of things you can find in her shop….we all love felt flowers!image Or her latest project…….she even shows you a tutorial on how to block your crocheted blanket…..She has got the patience of a saint.image

Another tutorial on these hexagon flowers…….this is a hexagon right?


Alicia lives where I do………and she shares so much with you about our beautiful Pacific NW.  This is the Columbia Gorge.


If you could see to the left of this photo and back a bit, you’d see where I live.  I should be like her and share more……..

If you have NEVER been to her blog or heard of Alicia Paulson……you have a real treat ahead of you by visiting her blog.  But seriously, I really doubt there are many of you that don’t know about Posie gets Cozy.

OK, TCB readers………this is where you can make me look really really good…..leave her a comment, letting her know how you found her…….even if you’ve been there a 1000 times.  :)  Humor me.

And if you dream about her baking you blueberry muffins…….let me know.




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  1. Stephanie Inge says

    Thank you for sharing this diamond in the rough! I can’t wait to share Posie Gets Cozy with my family and friends :) I love, love, love her style and had never heard of her until you turned me onto her via Facebook. Happy Royal Wedding Eve from Rowlett, Texas.

  2. kim says

    I, Kim, fellow crafter and art teacher think you’re the cat’s pajamas!! I look forward to reading you’re blog ever so much!!! THANKS FOR SHARING! KIM