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DIY Pottery Barn

I gasped so hard when I saw this, I now have the hiccups.  I am loving that we are taking control over how much we spent on decor.  I’m glad we can see that something is priced too high and we use our resources to get what we want.  When will these high priced decor companies realize we ladies talk and will figure out a way if it’s not within our budget?

Susie Harris {where friends become family}

saw this typewriter key wall art in……..yes, you guessed it.  Pottery Barn.   Love Pottery Barn, but my pocket book turns it’s self inside out whenever I consider a purchase.  She took another approach and thought  “hey!  I could make that!”Pottery Barn And she did………Stunning!

DIY Potter Barn KnockoffPottery Barn Style

And guess what?  She not only sells these in her Etsy shop for about $14,000 less than PB, but she also shows you a step by step tutorial!

Start out with a flat board…….mark your markings…imageUse a punch cup to draw your circles…..I wonder what Pottery Barn uses?DIY Pottery Barn Knockoff

Paint your circles black and use tracing paper to trace your letters that you printed off on your own printer.DIY Pottery Barn Knockoff Paint all the letters.DIY Pottery Barn KnockoffUse the top of a thermos to mark the distressed circle to make it look like real keys……I doubt PB uses a thermos lid…. DIY Pottery Barn KnockoffAnd you’ve got yourself a great piece of wall art that looks like $14,000, but didn’t cost you nearly as much.


Then she got cocky that thought that if she could do that, she could certainly make herself one of these “fancy” mirrors.  She teaches you the real name for a fancy mirror as well as a tutorial.  But this mirror used to be just a lonely flat piece of wood.  What I also love?  Look closely…….that square wreath and that bunny weather vane.  I want it.  imageShe has gotten SO sure of herself, she paints all kinds of signs and even monograms on her walls.  Because she’s so nice……..she also shows you step by step instructions.  You too can have a monogram on your wall.imageI love monograms and worry I have too many “D”s around my house.  But I love them.  And so does she…..Monograms on linen?  Holy stars….Sigh!stencil craftsYou’ll really enjoy her blog and all the photos of her home.  Her kitchen is looking very french.  She also recently covered her RED couch with white slipcovers……..Hmmmm.  I love that style.image



She has a great etsy shop with thing from signs to tags.  All great things.

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