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Free Printables

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Living Locurto

I was chatting with Amy Locurto {the free printable queen} the other day via skype and I mentioned about featuring her here.  Then she kindly reminded me that she was one of the few blogs that was featured with another person…….in other words, she wanted her own feature.  Queen for a day……I bet she has a printable tiara. :)   She didn’t say that of course, but that’s what I read between the lines.  Or maybe it’s what I thought I could really tease her with if I DID give her her OWN day.  All by herself.  So she could bask in all the TCB glory…….so here’s when I need YOU, the TCB reader…… head over to her site and leave her a comment from ME.  You can do it…..if you’re sitting here reading my blog, then chances are, you’ve already wasted about 15 minutes fiddling around on the internet…….this will only take a second.  Shhh, don’t tell her I begged you.  Let’s show her just what she missed the first time.

FREE Printable

Amy has a free printable for just about anything and everything you’d need.  Many are her own designs and many are other free printables she’s found online to share. Lucky us!

Printable Mustache

Printable Lips

If you print these up for your next book club, bunco party, birthday party, blog conference, etc…  They will be an instant hit!  There’s a little bit of “ham” in all of us.

Printable lipsPrintable Bag Toppers

Love this.  Take a simple bag, a couple of cookies……no big deal right?  But then add a bag topper…….just print it out and staple it…….and you’ve got yourself an amazing Thank you gift.  It’s all in the presentation.

bag topper

Free Printable Mothers Day Card

I cannot stand the thought of my husband spending $4.99 or more on a card.  And they are usually U.G.L.Y!  What a crock.  I actually saved all the Valentines day Cards ($18.99 worth)  he and my son gave me and told them we now have a new tradition. They are to use the SAME ones next year and just write more every year.  Crazy!  Seriously, I would rather spend that somewhere else.

I think I just went off on a tangent and forgot all about Amy’s darling printable {FREE} Mothers Day card.

Printable Mothers Day card

Printable Chore – Job Contract

I think this is intended for children, but I think some of you may try it on your husbands.  I’ve heard the chatter on Twitter.

chore list

Lego Birthday Party Printables & Ideas

If you have a boy in your family, then chances are you’ve stepped on a few of these.  Legos.  And chances are, you’ve found it hard to find a fun party idea that doesn’t scream TACKY.  Lego parties are always a hit.

She also has SO many party ideas.  I’m sure she has one for everyone on your party making list.  And she’ll have the printables to go with it. lego birthday theme

Meal Planning Printable

Could there be a chore that is more annoying?  Raise your hand if you’ve headed into the afternoon without a clue of what to make for dinner. 6pm hits and you finally throw a cereal box at them to keep them away.

Meal planning actually does work.  I’ve done it.  Now I just need to keep up with it.  She has week by week all planned out for you.  Could it be any easier for you?

Well……..she could come do the shopping and the actual cooking…..  :)meal planning

Now I can’t do a feature on Amy without mentioning her other rockin site.  I Heart Faces. They have a photo contest this week using your phone for taking the photo.  Fun!

You know I really really really want you to leave Amy a nice comment.

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  1. says

    You have such an awesome blog here!! I will check out your friend’s blog as well!! Thanks for all the tips on great websites to spend time on!!

  2. Michelle Huegel says

    What a boatload of fun stuff! I definitely need to try that job contract with my husband…

  3. Alice says

    I think you are both worthy of the Queen for a day crown. Headed over there now to give a shout out I saw her featured on your blog.

  4. Charlotte Knox says

    Hey girl. Thanks for providing us with such wonderful websites and commentaries. I visit your site everyday and totally love it.
    I’ll try to comment more often.
    Love ya.

  5. vikki says

    I love this site and all the great ideas you put in it. I wish I had been one of the “fun” moms when my kids were little, I worried a bit too much about the dishes. So all you young moms out there have fun with those munchkins now, there is always time to do dishes!!

  6. says

    Tell them to make your cards instead! Who doesn’t want a hand-drawn card from their child?? My husband and I have started making our cards. We get cheap packs of …hmm I think there’s normally like 8? cards + envelopes, and they’re like 1, 1.50 euro, nice card-stock, in all sorts of fun color schemes, it’s great! If you can’t find cheap DIY cards like that, they can just use paper. Amusing cards from the store are, well, amusing, but a totally *personalized* card like that, is just so much more special! =)

    Anywho, love these ideas, and those bag toppers are really adorable. =D