Pumpkin Carving

I haven’t been quiet about how I feel about carving pumpkins.  I hate it!  I can handle the guts….but I cannot handle the effort it takes to design and achieve a beautiful pumpkin like you see in a magazine.  I will start out with a design and high hopes……..it quickly turns sour when I realize my cutting skills are uncoordinated and choppy.  I always end up with the typical and traditional triangle eyes, nose and zigzag or round mouth………..while my husband……..the non-crafty one ends up with a beautifully carved scene using a template. Whatever………

Here are a few ideas I found from Get Your Craft On this week. (499 links of pure inspiration!) These are ALL non-knife welding options.  Clicking on their title will take you do the original site.

Pretty Lace Pumpkins – tutorial

I can’t really do this one either………since I don’t sew.  But I like how unique they are.

Black & White Pumpkins – tutorial

I can totally do this one!  TOTALLY DUDE.

Cute as a Button Pumpkins – tutorial

I can also do this one……..Glue and buttons……..LOVE it!

Halloween seems to be the holiday that kicks off the holiday season.  Which means it’s time to plan my Creative Holiday Gift Guide.

I’ll be offering 7 weeks of a different holiday guide weekly.  If you have an online shop, etsy shop or boutique, this is great exposure for you.  I love giving all you readers the opportunity to purchase original gifts not found at Target…..all the while supporting handmade or online boutiques.

If you’d like to be included, please email me, I’ll send you the fee structure.  krjdemmonATgmailDOTcom


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  1. says


    Those are some really fun ways to decorate pumpkins. I don’t really enjoy carving them, myself so the idea of sticking something on them is perfect. Heck, even leaving them plain is great. They’re so pretty on their own.


  2. nik says

    I love the lacy look…it’s very Edwardian in a goth sort of way. Maybe you could paint the pumpkin black first then lay some lace or doilies on it as a stencil, spray it white, then lift off the stencil? Maybe you could Elmer’s glue on then stencil, then wash it off, dissolving the glue, after the paint dried? I’m not much of a sewing talent either so that would be my first approach.

  3. Tara Lidell says

    Kim, those pumpkins are so cool! I especially love the white/black ones and will try to do something just like that for THIS Halloween — thank you for the inspiration!! Tara Lidell