Reindeer {food}

My son loves spreading Reindeer food in the yard on Christmas Eve.  Now that he’s 11, he said he’d still do it if I didn’t post it on Facebook or my blog.  :)

How to make reindeer food.

Items needed:


Glitter (I was too lazy to go upstairs to my unpacked craft room to find my glitter, so I just used green sprinkles……..I really don’t think the Reindeer will care.)


Mix all together.  This is something your children can do.

Then have your little darlings sprinkle it in the yard before going to bed.


Now if you wanted to package up a few bags and give to a few of your neighbors, you might want to print up these free tags from Kim at TomKat Studios.  She’s so good.  Such cute tags!

Happy Holidays everyone!

I’ll be taking a couple of days off.



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  1. susan says

    Enjoy your days off! But ooooh how I love this. Will hv to make some for neighbor kidlets. Growing up in the country&with a horse in the barn, we set out feed buckets oats with sorghum molasses, a burst bale of hay & a salt block,pond in their traffic pattern. 😀 My niece&nephew across the hayfield loved it & from there, the deer were good as reindeer to them! But the #%*!\# squirrels will love it now that I’m a city transplant,and so will the munchkins. And someday your son will have a fit. 😀 Good one to show fiancee! (I’ve done such terribles to the kids,lol) -s-

  2. Carmon says

    What an adorable idea. I just printed them off and will be doing this with my kiddo’s this evening. I’m even dropping two off at a neighbors house before we go on our first annual Christmas Eve Light looking drive.

  3. susan says

    To both Kims :) thank you for posting (TCB) and thank you for making the tags&making them *available* (TKS). You are both amazing. -s-