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Beach Brights

If you like lots and lots of ideas, inspiration sheets, a bit of cooking and baking…..then you’ll enjoy your visit to Beach Brights.    She’s been a loyal follower of TCB and we tear up the Twitter floor every now and then.  What?  You didn’t know I had a twitter acct?  I do.  It’s on the side bar.  Join.  But this isn’t about me……for once………it’s about Beach Brights.

Powder Room Makeover

What really caught my eye was her bathroom re-do.  I have been toying with this idea for a very long time.  Why not make your vanity out of a bombay chest, or a cute little dresser……hmmm, I wonder if the dresser I bought last week would work……Squeal!  I hadn’t even thought of the bathroom.

This is a way better idea than any affordable vanity at Home Depot.  She has a video I assume that tells you how to do this.  More Squealing!Room Makeover Ideas

They move a lot, so she has a few before and afters.  Or decorating solutions. Because what works in one house may not work in the other.

Home Office Makeover

Room Makeover Ideas TodaysCreativeBlog.netCraft Room Makeover

I would NEVER move if I had this office – craft room.  NEVER!Room Makeover Ideas

Cake Mix

Then I got distracted by some of the yummy things she’s waving around on her blog.  These are some sort of gooey bar………..Room Makeover Ideas TodaysCreativeBlog.netmade with this stuff……….say no more.  If you’re trying to lose wt with a new years resolution, sorry.  But they do look good don’t they?Room Makeover Ideas TodaysCreativeBlog.netRavioli

And then I noticed some quick dinner suggestions.  Quick? I love that.  This is a ravioli dish that she says only takes minutes to make.  Sold!!!Room Makeover Ideas TodaysCreativeBlog.netYummmm…….I’d make it tonight, but I am actually going to try the Pioneer Woman’s Meat Loaf.  Yea……..I’m that cool.Room Makeover Ideas

Mango Salsa

Included with her quick meals…….she showed a quick fish tacos with mango salsa.  I sat up straight when I read Simple and Mango Salsa. Cannot wait to try that. MAngo Salsa from Beach Brights

Little bit for everyone here.  She’s another sweet blogger…….not a snooty one.  I wish I could tell you when I think they’re snooty, but I’m more refined than that.  :)  Let’s just say….had I known they were snooty, I wouldn’t have featured them…….and really it’s a very small percentage on my featured list.  I am continually amazed at the talent and character I have come across.

OK……wow, where did that little rant come from?

Go be a nice blogger and leave her a comment.  :)



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