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If you follow several DIY Creative blogs, then you’re well aware that Valentine’s day is right around the corner.  Give us a reason to celebrate and we’re on it! Celebrating is what we do. It’s the reason we get out of bed each morning.

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Well and the coffee…….that certainly helps too. I’ve worked with many times sharing all their creative ways to acknowledge and celebrate the important people in your life. With Valentine’s Day coming up I’m sure you’ll be sending Valentine’s Day Cards and you’ll find yourself standing in front of all the Valentine’s Day cards at your local drug store…….all those generic, non-personalized and boring cards.

It would be WAY easier to grab a few from the website. You can shop in your jammies, personalize each card and they will even send it for you! Of course you could have it sent to you first if it’s someone you want to hand deliver to.  Use your PC or your smartphone.

They really do want to make it easy for us to remember those close to us. I admit it………I suck at sending cards. Always have. That’s why is my BFF. They will remind me and send cards for me with just a few minutes to set it up. It’s a dream come true for me. This Valentine’s Day I’m looking at these 5 adorable cards.  I can edit each one with a photo or change the text. Love that! I hate generic cards so much I have ordered my husband to never spend money on them again…..not only are they not personal, they are not worth it. But something personal……….so worth it.

For my husband-  My husband loves funny cards and we both love bacon. It’s perfect!

For my son – With a teen son, it’s always good to always remind them that they are loved, no matter what. (I’m so glad he’s an easy teen and so dang easy to love) - Lucas


For my inlaws from my son– I like the chalkboard look of course! And the option for several photos. Grandparents


For my mother from my son– My mom will love this. grandma


And to my niece and nephew- My son is very close to his cousins, especially since he’s a singleton. This card is perfect! - grouphug


They will be floored to receive a card from me since it’s well known in my family that I’m not the best card sender. I love sending something a bit more personal that I didn’t have to make. All I had to do is pick it out, add a personalized message or name and have send it.  I no longer look like a self centered being and everyone is happy.

I love how easy the site is to navigate. You can use their filter to choose the perfect card or just browse through their full selection.

They make it so easy to Send More Love (#SendMoreLove)


Fantastic promo for TCB Readers! You can order 3 cards (that you get to personalize) for only $6! (You must order by Feb 10th, 11am if you want your card to arrive by Valentine’s Day……..just do it now, you’ll thank me)  This is why I am sold on

  • Create cards anytime anywhere.
  • They will mail it for you!
  • They will remind me of important events so I don’t end up looking like an insensitive heel.
  • They can also add any Photo Gifts or gift card to any greeting card

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