Sewing Totes

I met Amy in April.  She came right up to me, sat down and said she wanted to learn everything she could from me.

Ameroonie Designs

Had I been drinking a diet coke, I probably would have either choked or spit it across the patio.  Me?  Here she sat with all her talent asking me……….me.  Boy did I have her fooled.  I soon realized she was yet another blogger that can sew.  And not only sew, but design.

Bag Designs

sewing tote bags I could tell right away she’s got attention for detail in her craft.  She plopped her bag on her lap showing me what she made.  Then one by one she pulled out matching accessory after matching accessory. tote bag She had made them all for her trip to Arizona.  WOW!  What could I possibly tell this girl?  What color thread to use?  HA!  She wanted blog help……….I finally got it.  She’s a young mom selling her bags and wanted advice on how to build her business.  That’s where she lost me again.  :)  But what I can do is feature wonderful talent and send you all over.  I can give exposure to such talented moms.  No no no, she was NOT asking for me to feature her, she really thought I was smart and could tell her what to do.  I think Amy will be just fine.  Her bags are so well done.  Seriously.  I have never seen such quality.  I did tell her that she MUST do a giveaway on my blog sometime…… you’ll have to look for that someday.

If you’re looking for a special tote for the summer, you won’t be sorry by getting one of hers.  I’m sure she has some ready to ship.  how to make a tote bag


While cruising around her blog, you can tell right away she has thought about her priorities and how important it is to be a momma.  Yes, it’s hard to be mom.  Yes, we wouldn’t change it for a minute and reading some of her posts remind you what a privilege it is.  I love Momma’s.

Sewing Projects

I also found so many great ideas for every holiday!  She has the cutest pillows for all times of the pillow Her Christmas pillows and Valentines Day pillows are so cute and original.  Original…….I saw a lot of original items on her blog.  I was crushing on these Thanksgiving placemats.  This girl has some mad skillz with that sewing machine.  I’ve only shown you a snippet.  make your own placemats

Then I saw these……….she also makes holiday people out of polymer clay.  You’ll have to remember her blog for holiday ideas………..especially look up all the spider ideas for Halloween or the bat pillow.  polymer clay projects

Amy is such a sweetie and will really really get a kick out of receiving your comments.  You really do make their day when you stop by and leave a quick comment telling them they’re featured.   Thank you! I really don’t EVER tell anyone before that they will be featured.  Surprise!!!

Go tell her it’s the best day of her life!  (it’s a joke people, just ask Char)




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  1. says

    I love Amy! She is just the sweetest girl ever. So glad you got a chance to feature her Kim…Now, I really just need to get a bag.

  2. says

    Oh I LOVE Amy and her tote bags. She is not only sweet as can be…but her bags are beyond FABULOUS! I stalked her all weekend at CE ans told everyone about her awesome bags! Great choice for today!

  3. Lori Anderson says

    LOVE those bags! I collect bags like some people collect shoes. Oh wait. I collect those, too.

  4. says

    Kim, it really is no joke that being featured is the “Best Day of Your Life!” I’m stunned and so very grateful! I do have some bags ready to ship! 😉 But don’t let Kim fool you- she is the nicest, smartest, savviest woman! She is so generous and giving of her talents and passion and I feel so honored to know her. Thank you Kim. You made more than my whole day- you made my week, month even!!

  5. karen says

    I have the privilege of being this amazing lady’s sister. What a fun treat to see her getting such great feedback from the blogging world! She really is all that and a bag of chips! I can’t say enough how even as cute as her stuff is in pictures, it does not compare to reality. The quality and details in her work definitely set her apart. And just as an aside, the totes are SUPER durable. I load mine up every week for church, and it’s HEAVY – and the straps are as strong and secure as ever.

    *this comment has not been solicited nor have I received any compensation for my glowing reviews… haha. (love you aim!)

  6. says

    You couldn’t have picked a better person to feature, Kim. Amy is so talented and wonderful and has been a great friend to me. Her totes are gorgeous, and I know she’s going to have great success as soon as she’s ready to go for it. Great feature and very well-deserved.