I know! I keep talking about Holiday cards! Because it’s time people! Time to start thinking about what you’re going to do.  How are you going to show your family’s personality to your friends and family.? Every year I look forward to seeing all the photo cards.  I love photo cards the most.  I love seeing how big children have grown, and if there are any additions.

Holiday cardsI’ll be sharing my simple tips and tricks…….. but …..

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Shutterfly has better tips and tricks on their Shutterfly Family Photo Site that help you plan your best card ever and they’re giving away a $100 promotional code ton one TCB reader. I could have used these tips over the years, although, what I have isn’t any less meaningful. We have pretty much used a santa hat every year. I take the photo myself.shutterlfy  Usually I have to take a TON before I get that “money shot”. These above, taken by the lake near our home had me cracking up, years later.  I remember trying not to show him how annoyed I was with each goofy smile. I remember leaving the lake thinking we didn’t get anything good.  Now that he’s 13, I love these…….all of them! That little mischievous smile, and then that sweet angelic look….. and even those baby toothed goofy grins.  Love them.

Christmas cards

I think just taking them or having them taken is the most important.  Of course you want perfection at the time, but in reality, it’s not going to matter years down the road. What matters is that you have them. I had fun putting these together.  Year after year I plopped that hat on his head and year after year there are memories …….. mostly of him making me laugh at myself while I was getting annoyed thinking it wasn’t the perfect shot.

From Left to Right, starting at the top Left

  1. Santa shot- his first Santa photo with his cousins.  As you can see he was not amused. I was devastated to not have the “perfect moment.”  Now?  It brings me much laughter and joy! Santa’s got quiet the grip. 
  2. This was the only shot with no red eye. I was annoyed that while attending a community tree lighting, there were no good backgrounds.
  3. LaCamas Lake
  4. First year with our cat.  Have you ever tried getting a photo of a child and his cat that turned out? That was also before I knew not to use my flash.
  5. Still using my flash…we were running out of time.  I took this photo haphazardly, made it black and white to make it look better.
  6. Running out of time again, but it had just snowed a very very small amount.  I made him climb between our porch and bush, plopped the hat on and caught the most adorable face ever!
  7. Started to pay attention to using props.  Props are good.  I’m not even sure if that cocoa was hot.
  8. First year with the pup.  Running out of time again……see a theme?  It was near zero degrees out.  FREEZING! I quickly pulled the chair off the porch, had my son sit, smile, click. It was too cold to do more.
  9. Taken in a downtown park.  I was getting annoyed …… see another theme?….because there was an old jogger dude that kept shuffling back and forth behind us. I have more photos with that guy in the background……

So my tips are simple. Very simple

  • avoid getting annoyed. Even if you want things your way.
  • plan ahead
  • use a prop
  • don’t use flash
  • Don’t get annoyed


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  1. says

    2 years ago our holiday card doubled as our birth announcement for our first child. That has been my favorite card yet! This year we plan on taking pictures of our family in our Christmas PJ’s reading a christmas story.

  2. Kathy says

    the year we decided to take pictures outside in 10 degree weather. I think we fooled the camera, but it was FREEZING!!

  3. Monica B. says

    I don’t really have personal memories, but I know when I was little, I loved getting everyone’s cards with the stories of what their families had been up to. It helped me feel closer to family and friends who lived far away.
    I’ve always wanted to send out a family Christmas card, and this would be a great opportunity!

  4. says

    My most memorable Christmas card picture was when my children were toddlers. We took many, many pictures of the whole family in front of the tree with the camera timer. There are so many funny pictures that definitely did not make the christmas card. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Morgan Thomas says

    Well we just got married a year and a half ago so the only card I’ve done so far had some of our wedding pictures on it!

  6. says

    Those are some great tips. I am looking forward to my children all being home for the Holiday’s, so that I can take some pictures of them all together. I am already thinking of what props I should use if any and where the photos should be taken.

  7. Shannon A says

    Well I dont really have one but the last holiday family photo my husband had with his family before we got married his eldest brother got into a fight the night before so he had a huge black eye in the family photo. Its still funny looking at the photos now. Thanks, shannon

  8. Pat Finnestad says

    One year when the kids were all scattered across the country for school, and no one was married, we had 6 hours together as one flew in and another flew out, so we had our Christmas in a hotel by the airport! One of our best ever!! Took pictures on the bed!

  9. says

    Oh Kim, the not getting annoyed thing makes me laugh. Trying to get all three kids this year was a NIGHTMARE! but in the end I think I am going with one that looks funny rather than perfect. (Although there were some good shots in the batch.) I already appreciate the funny ones as much as the good ones!

  10. Gina Bean says

    My most memorable holiday card is one that was sent to us from two friends that dressed as the brothers for the movie Stepbrothers and posed together! It was hilarious…

  11. says

    Each year is a memorable card moment – looking back and relaying all the wonderful blessings of the previous days- thankful for another year with friends and family.

  12. Ashley says

    My kids are still very little. Getting them all together (even looking at the camera let alone smiling at it) is next to impossible. SO glad there is photoshop!!

  13. Charisse Medico says

    I don’t really have a holiday card story. We usually just use our most recent family picture.

  14. Jennifer H says

    In 2005 we started a new tradition at our house. We all go out and cut our own tree. Ofcourse I always bring my camera and I find a great spot to take a “Christmas card photo” of our 3 boys. They have grown so much over the years and they look forward to our trek into the woods. Such great memories!

  15. Niki Blake says

    Our funniest card story??? The one where i was pregnant with our second son, felt HUGE and didn’t want my pic made, and my husband just didn’t care in general. It was a card with our ONE son……that’s it. Not even Christmas-y even! NOt our dogs. No tinsel and lights. Just him. Seems kind of funny to me b/c we usually have so much “drama” around the Christmas photo. :) And I actually thought that year turned out great!! :)

  16. Erin Young says

    nothing too memorable, but we always try to do a nice family pic around nov so we can use it for our xmas card

  17. Rhiannon Metzger says

    I enjoy getting my friends and family’s holiday cards. Its so fun to see the pictures and hear what has gone on in their lives over the year.

  18. Lisa says

    We got our family photo taken in the summer time at our local photo shop in town, and when my child came home with a photo packet from preschool telling us he was going to get his picture taken with the rest of the class, I looked at the order form and low and behold our family picture was on the cover. THERE was NO need to send out Christmas cards that year. The whole class and town had a copy!

    • says

      Shoot. Last year was the most difficult year. I was trying to get a great shot with a 2 month old, a 5 year old,and a 3 year old. I didn’t want to use the flash and wanted to have Christmas lights in the shot. I seriously must have taken more than 100 photos,and it was still a little blurry.

  19. says

    We had bartered for our oldest to take an art class, and he drew the most wonderful snowman with chalk pastels. I reduced it down and used it for some beautiful Christmas cards!

  20. Cynthia B. says

    Since I make our holiday cards every year, I have lots of memories about them…there was the time that the photo processing person told me that my picture of my kids for our card was the best he’s ever seen. :)
    There was the time that my husband and kids went camping, and I stayed home – my excuse was that I needed to work on cards! And there was the time that my sister – a scrapbooker/cardmaker herself – oohed and aahed over the card I sent her.
    It would be ironic if I were to actually win this givewaway, because just this week, I ordered our cards through Shutterfly. 😉 First time in a long time that my annual cardmaking binge hasn’t involved some sort of adhesive and paper cutter, and I have high hopes that the end product will be just as good as a paper-crafted one! (Dang, it was a lot easier too.)

  21. Jenn says

    Love shutterfly, we took tons of christmas pics of our dog for last years christmas cards and I can’t wait to do it again this year. Was so much fun finding the perfect ones for our card.

  22. Lawanna says

    I don’t have a memorable holiday card story – sorry. But I do like seeing pictures of family and friends. We live around the world and don’t get to see each other often enough.

  23. says

    I just love sending Holiday cards with pictures of my little man!!! And I love getting cards with pictures on them, so much nicer than non personal cards!

  24. Teh Doll says

    We used our Halloween picture on year for our Christmas cards.. Everyone loved it thought it was so us!

  25. Tammy says

    So far our most memorable Christmas card was last years. It was our son’s 1st Christmas and he was only almost 2 months old. We ordered from Shutterfly and they were great.

  26. says

    I started using picture cards the first year my daughter was born. I went nuts. Used so many pictures, couldn’t decide which ones to leave out! This is a great giveaway!

  27. Ellen Casper says

    The first time my son came home from USNA at Thanksgiving – it was the 1st time my family was together since June!

  28. gail says

    cute pictures! I love shutterfly! But I never do any holiday cards. I guess things are different after the kids are grown.

    Thanks for a great giveaway Kim!

  29. Shannon says

    I’m due on the 27th of December, I want to bank on the memory of having a double late holiday/birth announcement card!

  30. jessica w says

    well we always send them out and got yelled at by a family member because we didn’t write them a custom message… even though they never sent us anything. Sigh

  31. Vivienne @ The V Spot says

    I don’t know that I have a favorite memory, per se, but one of my favorite cards was where we included the bloopers from trying to get the camera’s timer to work for a family shot. :)

  32. Haley Grossman says

    Last year when we were taking photos for our xmas card my oldest refused to participate….needless to say, we had a card with multiple photos.

  33. April V says

    I don’t really have one although I make our greeting cards, and it’s so much fun to dress the kids and pose them for it!

  34. Mary says

    The year we got pregnant, we put it in the holiday card pictures to announce it to those we hadn’t told yet

  35. Marisa says

    I love looking back at all our Christmas photos. It is always hard to get the kids to cooperate but well worth the effort.