The Classics: Silhouettes, Botanicals and Monograms


Do we ever get tired of a Silhouette?  I didn’t think so.   I love Silhouettes, whether it’s people, birds, dogs.  I’ve been wanting to get a necklace with the silhouette of my son and my dog.  Yes, a necklace.  Silhouette’s aren’t just for walls anymore.  But I am diggin these silhouettes that Frugal with a Flourish did.  Why pay designer prices when you can do your own?Silhouette | TodaysCreativeblog.netI have a plan to do this for my kitchen.  I just recently cleaned off the top of the cabinets….got rid of the clutter above them.   These would give a clean and cottage look that I like.


Another classic in decorating is botanicals.  They’re timeless.  Being true to her name, she used some of those frames you find a dime a dozen, spray painted them (our best friend…….spray paint) and placed some prints she found.  I’m sure you could even print a few off if you’ve got a good printer.  I’m sure the Graphics Fairy has something.


Another classic.  Love me a Monogram.  Sprucing up your door step with a monogram door mat is one of the easiest ways to bring charm to your porch.  It’s even better if you can do it yourself and save about $20-$30!She’s got so many ways to save money without jeopardizing style.  It just goes to show, you don’t have to break the bank to decorate.

This last idea is one to tuck away for next year during the Holidays.  I am writing this is my planner to remind myself.

Gilded Fruit

Using cake glitter and a few pieces of beautiful fruit, you’ve got yourself a one of a kind centerpiece or table arrangement.  This would also look amazing on the mantle.

I hope one of your New Years Resolutions are to leave comments for all the talented bloggers I feature.  We all love comments and I LOVE it when my features are flooded with surprises.  (I never let bloggers know ahead of time when they are featured, they find out by comments telling them!)  :)





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  1. says

    all of them are great ideas for me & my home-once the snow starts to disappear(in May)I am going to make a monogrammed rug! Thanks fo sharing:)

  2. FoxyMomma says

    for christmas, i gifted my brother & SIL a silhouette of both their boys for their new house!! it was such a hit!

  3. susan says

    Yay,Kim! Jen’s Fw/aF is purty neat! You 2 are part of my daily must-reads. Am still fighting w stoopidphone to join community. (sigh) hoping to squish into libe-time when can get a PC there! DSL ppl sed at least 2wks to get re-hooked. Cant wait! :) -s-

  4. says

    I love those bird plates and the monogram mat! Thank you for sharing those ideas. I know what’s going on my birthday wish list!! {silhouette} Can August come sooner?! 😉


  5. Emily Anne says

    A friend had a silhouette artist at her wedding. One copy was made for the guest book and another was a favor for each guest.

  6. says

    Thanks for the feature Kim! For those people yearning for a Silhouette machine – I made those plates the old fashioned way! Cutting them out myself. You don’t have to have a fancy machine to still make some beautiful things! (It just takes a little longer!)