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Spring Decorating

Even though it’s getting close to St. Patrick’s Day, It’s a windy rainy spring day here in the NW……….pretty cozy actually. My son is sick, I have a new puppy I’m house training and believe it or not…… is good. I even have dinner in the crockpot and fresh strawberries to make strawberry shortcake later. Rain, wind, dog pee and a fever can’t ruin my day. Life isn’t always pretty………but it’s pretty perfect.

Today while cruising through my FFF (future feature file) I loved what I saw on
Domestic Fashionista. She really brings it home for me that just adding a few holiday decor items for holiday’s such as Valentines, St. Patrick’s…etc……really does make a difference and looks great at the same time. Now I have to admit I have NEVER decorated for St. Patrick’s day. Not because I’m not festive…….I mean, the leprechaun visits our home every year, leaves a mess, scatters gold chocolate coins………and I was actually Ms. Shamrock one year in school…… see……I’m not against celebrating St. Paddy’s day…….but the whole decor thing seemed too much of a bother. But I love what she’s added and it doesn’t look like it took forever or took over.

Decorating for St. Patrick’s Day

spring decoratingCute Shamrock plate…….this is something I would normally walk right past in the store. Not that I don’t think it’s adorable………but because I would think about the storage issue. Where would I store ONE plate and then only use it ONE time a year? I suppose I could just add another tote for St. Patrick’s Day. Looks like she has an etsy shop with these darling little Patricks day decoratingOr the whole shebang……..garland. I swear garland is one of those things you could use year round…….just have one for each holiday…..swap it out when the time is patrick's day decorationI’m convinced that now all I have to do is swap out my kitchen linens and add a holiday hand towel to the powder room………but see once again…..I need a bit more to make the whole tote idea work. You can’t just put one plate………or one set of kitchen linens. But if you have a FEW things…….then you have enough to make the holiday tote worthy.decorating for st. patricks daySee?………..just add this cute little hand towel for Valentines day. This coordinates so well…..looks patricks day ideasI know that Valentines Day is over……….but I had to show you this cake she made for her husband. Lucky man. My poor husband got a cupcake……..from a bakery. :)
valentines day cake

Decorating for Valentine’s Day

This was also for Valentines Day………..I suppose you could use it for Spring too…..Love this! And she shows a TUTORIAL! She offers several before and afters as well as tutorials throughout her blog. Makes my heart all warm.
rose pom valentines dayThese below take me back in the day to my mother’s kitchen. It was the mid 70s in Central Oregon. We had wall to wall patchwork indoor outdoor kitchen carpet, gold and cream gingham wall paper, harvest gold appliances, dark brown cabinets and the cutest mushroom canisters my mother made in ceramics class. I’m sure she had these little trivets……….
Some people who have embraced the kitchy vintage look could pull this off………..but I could never pull it off. They would just look dated in my kitchen.vintage trivets BeforeI would have to do something like this below. She’s a genius. She painted and added monograms. Cute.updating vintage trivetsFollowing her vision of looking for the possibilities in something…….she found these set out by her neighbors on trash day. Like any good crafter, she has no shame and is confident in her abilities……. dirty patio chair BEFOREAfter realizing the pressure washer added it’s own spots………..she took matters into her own hands and busted out the paint! One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. What I think would be funny is if she sold these at a yardsale and her neighbors bought them. :)
before and after I am such a sucker for empty frames. I have a wall upstairs with creamy painted frames……this is where I stick my son’s art work. I just stick each masterpiece inside one of the frames. Doesn’t matter if the frame is too big. That way his work is always on display. She however decided to take it one more level.
wall decor empty framesI love this idea. This would be so cool inside one of those BIG fancy closets.

Where does she get all her ideas?

Yes…….she’s one of those over achievers too. At least her tabs don’t have her monogram or something. :)
decorating booksShe’s one of those……….and I’m so glad for people like her. Saves me SO much time.



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