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A bit ago I was a guest contributor for Jyl at Mom It Forward where I posted about the Home Work Study Station I organized for my son.  Last year he had his own table in the office for studying, but we soon realized that he preferred to be near us either at the kitchen counter or at the dining room table. Study Area | back to school homework station | It was also much easier for when he had questions or needed help.  So this year, I’m using a tote I received from Will at Blue Fig and created a homework station.  I filled it with everything a middle school may need, including a snack!  It’s got lots of nooks and cranny’s to fit just about anything.  I have mine loaded and there is STILL room in the middle.  I was happy that it’s wide enough for a spiral notebook.  You could even hide little messages in the pockets to make study time fun.

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portable homework station

We have one more week of Summer vacation and we are savoring every moment.





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  1. nik says

    You are amazing…I love it! That will be the perfect gift for my little nephew for his birthday! Thanks for the idea and link.

  2. nitasha says

    This is perfect! I’m going to Michael’s and Target TODAY so I can get all I need to duplicate this storage center for my boys! My son’s are always asking me for scissors, map pencils and whatnot to complete homework, so this is exactly what they need! Thank you so much!

  3. Alissa H. says

    What a FANTASTIC idea! I home school my children and this would be so terrific to have ready to go when we need to do school on the go or when we want to go out and work on our nature journals. I’m so psyched! Thank you for sharing.

  4. says

    I love this idea. Our 9th grader just told us that she wanted to get rid of her desk in her room and do her homework at the kitchen table to be closer to the ‘hub’ of the home! That is where I did my homework growing up. All of us kids did. Why didn’t I think of it earlier?! I’m off to find something in my garage to use as a caddy. Thank you!!

  5. says

    What a brilliant idea! Love that it’s portable. I have a little tote just like that that I don’t use too often! Now I can kit it out for my kids to study with – maybe it’ll inspire them to study more! (A mom can wish! LOL)

  6. says

    oh what a great idea! I need to make a homework station for my 2nd grader. Right now we have crayons in one spot, glue sticks hidden somewhere else, and well, you know how it goes!

  7. Debbie Biller says

    So, I’m playing a little catch up and just saw this…love this idea! My little adhd kiddo has a little box that we keep things in, but I like this idea even better! He will be thrilled to have an organizer just like mine (who, coincidentally won one identical to the one in the picture above, from you-know-who). Thanks for the great idea Kim ( and the organizer)!