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You know how some people are just so cute?  The kind of person who has natural style sense?  The kind of person you just want to get to know because they just look so happy?  Well that’s Jani.

lifestyle blogger- Jani Serendipity

A while back, my friend Marie from Make and Takes mentioned that her mother in law started a blog and that we should check it out.  I don’t know what I was expecting……but I know I wasn’t expecting to see a hip fun blog full of energy.  She a mother of 7 and a grandmother of 14! Not that MIL’s or grandmothers can’t be hip or fun……or full of energy……my own MIL is 81 and you’d never know it. I just never expected to want to be BFF with my blogging buddy’s Mother in law.

Jani’s blog, Jani Serendipity is a fun place to hang out if you want to feel good and leave with all kinds of ideas on your next fashionable outfit or fun recipe. Don’t expect Grandma food recipes……..expect exciting recipes like this below.

fig crostini recipe


Jani travels, Jani cooks and Jani knows how to have fun……..whether it’s with the grand kids, or hanging at a blogging conference.  She obviously has a zest for life.  I was thrilled to meet up with her at EVO.

Kim- Today's Creative Blog


I am in love with Jani’s fashion boards.  Stylish choices………I need all the help I can get. I need her to dress me.

polivore fashion board

Head on over and see how charming she is.  I know you’ll enjoy her blog.


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  1. Laurie @ pride in photos says

    Great post…so glad you introduced her to us. Everything you said, was SO true…you can tell she has such a zest for life…♥ it! I did email here that we need a subscribe button to her blog….didn’t see any? Thanks for this great post.

  2. says

    Not to mention Jani SAVED me on the scariest ski lift ride of my LIFE.
    She literally TALKED the whole way down in the dark to keep us from thinking about how freaky the ride was.
    AMEN. :)

  3. jani lebaron says

    I’m not sure where I was yesterday, but I am so touched by this post, Kim. I want to be your BFF too! Love you, sweetie and waiting a full year until next EVO is way too long. I may just have to find a good excuse to make a trip to my favorite Northwest town before too long! You wanta go shopping?! :)

  4. says

    Your comments re my darling bride of almost 30 years, are so appreciated. I can tell you, we were in a Texas Roadhouse for one of our fave repast sessions when Jani monitored your post – and the entire SUV was teleported all the way home! I do agree (pardon the blatant bias :0) that she is a wonderful amalgam of sweet life’s partner, and gifted observer of things fun and needful to share. Thanks for your warm message of acceptance and kudo-age… no surprise that your blog is so high “up there”!