Summer Crafts

Amy is the queen of great ideas to keep her children active and learning! Not only does she have great ideas for holidays, like those valentines day sandwiches below, but so many great summer crafts to keep them happy all summer long. She’s also got a few crafty ideas for us Mama’s too!

The Idea Room

Since I’m getting ready to head to the land of craft…..the land of creative women…..the land of etched casserole dishes…….I thought I’d show you what just about every LDS woman has in her kitchen.

how to etch glass It’s true.  :)

Because they take meals to people who have been sick, or just had a new baby, or just because…….they’re nice like that.  (I better start minding my manners, clean it up a bit so I can hang with the best of them)…….My sis says no matter how nice I am, they all know I’m not LDS……my shorts are too short.  But dang I try….If I could only sew like Amy…….her blog is so much fun.  The Idea Room

I’m loving these cute numbers.  Even after the kids are done playing with these, you could use them for something cute….

number bean bagsCrafts for Summer

Don’t worry… too can make them.  She has a ton of tutorials. Because she’s a good mama…….she has fun projects for her kids.  Like finger paints……these are non-toxic and easy to make. So perfect for a summer craft outside… mess inside. make your own finger paints

Crafts for Boys

I was thrilled to find crafts and activities aimed for boys.  My son would LOVE this marshmallow gun.  She even shows how to make it.

how to make a marshmallow gun

Or this tried and true sculpture activity.  We’ve been doing this at least a couple of times a year since my son was 5.  He’s 11 now.  It’s great for getting them to focus for at least 30 min.

how to make a marshmallow sculpture

This one cracks me up…….her son is really ready to play with this homemade light saber……

how to make a light saber

I’m excited to try this with my son.  Making your own bouncy ball.  He’s gonna flip.

how to make a rubber ball

How about some fun finger puppets?  Make these into super heros for the boys and my son would use them for thumb wrestling.  LOL

how to make finger puppets

I was happy to see she made a crayon roll from Skip To My Lou, my media partner.  Those are such a great idea and great gift idea.

how to make a crayon rollAmy is pretty gifted in the kitchen too……..of course she is.

Canning her own peaches…….Yum.  She even shows you how.  canning peaches for summer

Or how to make your own popsicles. This is how you slip the good stuff in without your kids knowing.  Besides, they’re much prettier.

make your own popsicles And you can make special ones for 4th of July.  Who wouldn’t love a fourth of July popsicle?  And just think of the cool mom points you’ll get.She made these for Valentines Day, but heck….just change the sprinkle color and call it a Fourth of July ice cream sandwich.  Yummmmhow to make iced cream sandwiches  Or what about Fourth of July Star cookies?  (cool mom points)4th of july star cookies Her site has a bit for everyone.  If you’re getting to re-decorate a room and you want to make it kind of girly….this lampshade may be perfect.  Yep….she shows you to make a rosette And as far as summer projects go…….here’s a fun one for little girls.  All you need is some magazines or old scrapbook paper.  how to make a paper bracelet summer craft

Well don’t let me hold you back…….head on over and leave her a comment.  Please…..with sugar on top. :)




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  1. Janine says

    Oh my word!!! That is some serious talent and creativity. I can't wait to try out some of that stuff. Now first I need to learn how to sew … hmmm – that's the tricky part 😉

  2. mary beth says

    I cannot wait to get this new house built so I can get back to some serious crafting..thanks for sharing this great blog with us….so much inspiration! Love it!

  3. MessyMissy says

    That bog is a chock-a-block full of awesomeness. Thanks so much for sharing it with us!!

  4. Teresa says

    Amy does it allll!
    That has to be THE BEST looking popsicle I ever did see!
    And the homemade bouncy ball…HOW FUN!
    Gotta say…I do love me some FINGER PAINTS!!!!
    Kisses to you Kim!

  5. sydney @ memorable minutes says

    i follow her blog, but hadn't seen that casserole dish. i'm gonna have to go find that! thanks for sharing :)

  6. elizabeth says

    What a super feature! There's quite a few cool crafts I could do today with my girls! Hurray! Thanks!

  7. ellie g says

    I think a kiwi popsicle is in my IMMEDIATE future.
    And it's true. I have a cassarole dish. But it was a gift, and I don't usually take meals in it. (cause then I might not get it back….and I'm selfish like that)

    I'm heading over to her blog right this second….thanks!

  8. Ruthanne says

    Wow! I love the marshmallow shooter…might have to 'borrow' that one for my classroom. My students would love to build that.

  9. Megan says

    aw geeze! another blog to follow! how can I not with all that awesome stuff to be found there!?!?!

  10. Kristi says

    I missed that yummy looking 4th of July popsicle that she posted. I did try the fruit popsicles last week.

  11. Vintage Creations says

    She is one creative woman… now a follower to her lovely blog thanks for sharing! :)

    Heather @

  12. heartandsoulstudio says

    Love the beaded bracelet– forget the kids, I want one for myself! (But, okay, the kids can do it too) Some great ideas there!

  13. t says

    So much cool stuff! I'm definitely going to check out that bracelet. And I'm going to a Tupperware party tonight. Maybe I'll buy some popsicle molds. Yum!

  14. Kristan says

    Wow! She's amazing!! I love that scrapbook paper bracelet, and the bouncy ball? My girls would LOVE that.

  15. The Ball Babies says

    Thanks for the cool site and all the ideas it offers. Now if I could get organized and get some of that done my kids would be happy!

    Great blog of yours, by the way!

  16. MJ says

    Wow so many projects!!! and I want to recreate at least half of them! *quickly browsing to the popsicle bit*
    Thanx for sharing!

  17. Ashleigh says

    I love the idea room. Good pick! Then again, they're all good picks. I love your site because there's nothing like a new favorite blog to follow and perk up my motivation. Thanks for your time and effort finding these places, so we can go straight to stalking them. :)

  18. sylvia says

    Wow – such a lot of creativity! Even though my kids are grown and without grandkids I think there's things that I could use – cookies look terrific!

  19. Cadiedid says

    My oh my did my to-do list just get way longer for summer vacation! What fantastic ideas! How do you find these amazing women?

  20. Liz @ LivingMySweetLife says

    What a great blog! Thank you for introducing me to her, I can't wait to go thru her posts!!

  21. Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) says

    Too funny!! I am taking a break from making bean bag numbers (from her tutorial) to peak at blogs and this is what I find featured here!!! I love The Idea Room (I just discovered Amy the other day – and I can't wait to go peach picking so I can….can peaches :)

  22. Steph says

    I just found your blog by searching for "creativity blog" in Google. I love it already! Thank you for all the inspiration which I desperately need.

  23. **Amy** says

    LOL! Kim…You crack me up! I was wondering why things on my blog were hopping today! Thanks so much for the kind words and the very nice review and feature on your blog today. What a nice surprise! I would never judge you by the length of your shorts though! :) And I think your right…almost all my friends have an etched casserole dish LOL!

  24. Ashley @ Little Miss Momma says

    Oooo, I have been reading the Idea Room from the beginning and I just love it! All of her projects and pictures are AMAZING!

    btw: i love your blog too!!!

  25. Nancy Sabina says

    You crack me up with your Mormon generalizations (Im not saying they're not true…). But I'm Mormon and I don't have my personalized casserole dish! Are they gonna kick me out? Mind you, I DO have somebody ELSE'S personalized casserole dish that they brought over bc I was sick. So I guess that doesn't help my case with the generalizations…

  26. ~Mychl says

    I just recently found your site (thanks to How Does She) and I am LOVING it!! And all the other sites you are linking to too!

    You are definitely going into my favs! I will check back often!

  27. Evan Pariseau says

    Glad you featured the Idea Room – and glad I follow Amy so I could be led to you!! Can't wait to see what great ideas sprout up next… Thanks!

  28. ds says

    Thanks for sharing those GREAT ideas-my summer is now full. Love the necklace as well but I could never do that.