TCB is back!

Today’s Creative Blog is safe. TCB did NOT infect any computers. 

If you had or have a link to my site, or my button, you may have also been affected with a notice saying you were blocked by google because of me.

All is OK. 

I wake early every morning and head out to teach my injury prevention classes for the City of Portland.  Checking my email between classes I found a few messages from great readers letting me know my site was down with a malware message.  I quickly sent the messages to my programmer, thinking it would be cleared up by the time I was finished teaching. ……  nope. keep calm and blog on

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Of course this would all be going down on a morning I needed to stop off at Best Buy after my classes, to find out if they had the recovered data from my son’s broken new computer that I had dropped off 8 days before that also had his 8th grade project on it. The data recovery was supposed to be finished in 1-3 days. I paid extra to get it in 1-3 days…… but I hadn’t heard anything, so I thought I’d pay them a visit. Finding out they had NOT EVEN STARTED the recovery process was ……..annoying. REALLY annoying since my son needed it.

Menopause, a broken new computer, data that should have been done many days before and my site being blocked was not a good mixture.

I really should take cookies into the staff of the Geek Squad when the computer is finished, but I think they would think they were poisoned.

Being hacked is never fun. I still don’t know exactly what happened as I was told many things from my server, Go Daddy. I do know after many searches and conversations, that my site wasn’t alone and it wasn’t harmful to computers.  It was what they were calling  “fake malware”.  It happened to many large sites the week before…….like Huffington Post. (maybe I should be flattered?)  It also had something to do with the newest WordPress update. It was just a bad mixture of stuff.

So…..after a few sweeps from Google, a clean up from Go Daddy, many many hours from my programmer…….TCB is back up and running smoothly.

I tried staying calm, tried keeping things in perspective. I was safe, my family was safe, my home was safe……it’s just a blog…….a little panic would set in with thoughts of ……’s just my income……a blog that is my income…….but would quickly change back to…..I am safe, my family is safe, this is not a big deal is the grand scheme of things.

Thank you to all of you that sent me messages, alerted me on facebook etc…  It seriously takes a village to run a blog!

Thanks to my amazing and kind programmer! Robin from Grits Design.  Love her.  I’ve had bad luck finding the right help for some of the behind the scenes, but she’s a keeper for sure! If you’re looking for a someone to help you with your site, shoot her an email.

Now……..let’s get back to being creative!

Oh…….Happy Valentines Day.  I love you.



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    Oh, Geek Squad! Our PC was at Best Buy for 23 days once. And they said 10 days! I had to send my husband to pick it up because I wanted to maintain my record for never saying a curse word. Ha ha ha!

    I am glad things are up and running again for you, Kim! I knew it was a wide-spread hack problem, but I was still bummed we couldn’t reach you or several other of my favorites. Welcome back!