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If you’ve taken time to read more than one post of mine, you know that I appreciate a good bargain.  I love it when I can find something I really want for less.  I have a great time putting together rooms from thrift items……….now I realize not everyone gets that or even wants too.  But I do know that this girl does.

A Thrifty Home.

She is more thrifty than I ever dreamed of being.  I had so much fun cruising around her blog for not only tips, recipes and kid crafts…….but she has some great ideas……before and afters……she has a little bit of everything.  She’s my new hero.  With the economy the way it is, I think a lot of us are looking at ways to trim the budget, do without and create more from less.  Her site is a great place to start.

I love the hard water tips……..I am so going to try this.  I don’t think we have hard water, but I do have some build up in my water tray from the fridge and around my faucet.  Drives me crazy.  She shows all the details in cleaning this and it’s non-toxic, so that’s even better in my book. She uses Vinegar………I think the white kind……you’ll have to go see to make sure.  Me too. IMG_1739IMG_1720

Wouldn’t it be nice to do this with no chemicals?  I’ll answer that…….yes…..yes it would.


While we’re on a cleaning kick…..she uses lemonade Kool-Aid to clean her dishwasher……I wasn’t even aware that I needed to clean it, but I guess I will.  The important part of this photo is really the tip out drawer.  Hers weren’t the tip out kind to start with…….they were the fake kind……or is it faux.  Mine are like that…….she has a tutorial on how to make them the tip out kind so you can store your Kool-Aid and other stuff like sponges.  So handy.


She proves she thrifty by re-doing these lamps.  She picked these up at her local thrift store…..we’ve all seen them…..and probably just kept walking….


But look!  She spray painted them…….and tells you all the details on her site.  What would we do without spray paint?

IMG_8647Keeping the kids busy and being thrifty can be challenging…….when my son and his friend get tired of building a fort…….we’ll have to try our hand at Tie Dying.  spiral shirt wraped upShe shows directions and tips….kids love this and since I’m from the NW……..we all have a little hippy in us.tie-dye spiral

Just to show off she has a tutorial on making an I Spy Quilt for her son……Great idea……..but way more work than I would be willing to do……..even if I was willing, I don’t sew remember?


It’s time to fill my Iced Tea and crank the AC……I hope the grid makes it.

Thanks for reading… you go to leave her a comment about how you found her…….tell her I sent you.  I love surprising people like that.



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