Tonya X 3

Tonya is a dynamo! Not only does she write 3 blogs……….but she also has twins. I seriously think she’s got that overachiever problem………
Munchkins and Mayhem, the party starts here is a blog that somewhat surrounds it’s self around celebrations……..all celebrations. She’s been a regular commenter and I didn’t even know she had this one………so maybe she’s humble too. Love the ideas on this one.
Like this project bag she put together. Every kid loves those candy necklaces…………but mom’s hate the sugary mess it leaves……..with all that dye and all. I suppose if you are a candy necklace purist…….you could use Honey Nut Cherrioes…

I have no idea what these are, but I’d eat one.
These look wonderful! The color is amazing……they look so good and healthy.
If I were to have another baby…….God forbid at 47……I would have her plan it. Look at the detail.

Her second blog is Currently Crafting where you’ll find all kinds of crafty projects………..most with instructions or TUTORIALS! We LOVE THOSE!

This below was a project for art easel clips she made for the twins. Flynn and Marisol……..don’t those names just make you melt? She’s an Aussie……so that’s probably where she found her original sounding names to us boring Americans.You’ll also find these cute little knitted pastries she whipped up for her daughter with the cool name.This woman is so smart! She has made a “color” book for each color to help the kids with cool names learn their colors. Lots of other information inside too and she shares it all on her site.
No matter h0w many times I see this, I love it. Melting down your old broken crayons.
I could have been a much cooler mom had blogging been around about 9 yrs ago.

She does an awful lot with paper crafts too. She did a little mailbox for all her children.

Cute card…..easy……simple and a child could help. Love it.

And her last blog is her family blog A Day In My Life where she shares the creative lifestyle of a mother with a teenage son, twins and a husband who is deployed………..and I thought my life was crazy. She shares many a photo of her beautiful kids……..She gets some really cool shots.

You can find so much entertainment with her sites………..whether it’s looking for party ideas, crafty ideas or just reading about the daily antics……Darling girl, she really is.



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