Winter Sangria Recipe

It’s crunch time and many of us that are hosting are putting together the last minute details. I’m trying to decide if I should make my Winter Sangria recipe this year, or go with a simple but pretty wine serving tip. I’ll share both, but I’m leaning towards simple right now.

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It’s been particularly crazy around here, resulting in this mama forgetting important details that are always a quick reminder to SLOW DOWN. We’ve been updating our daylight basement…….some people call it a walk out basement. When I say we, what I really mean is my husband. He’s doing most the work. We tore up the carpet because our cat decided to mark her territory, telling that pesky raccoon (who tore up our screen door) this was her yard.  Well after a while I realized it wasn’t her litter box that was smelling. Tearing up the carpet, lead to “we may as well paint the walls before staining the concrete floor”, which just deciding to stain the concrete brings on all kinds of work……like renting a concrete grinder that made the inside of your home completely covered in concrete dust. Then if that wasn’t enough, I decided the carpets in my living room and family room needed to be cleaned…….which meant all our furniture was in our dining room and kitchen area. Add all this to my pile of work…….if you haven’t noticed, it’s been extra busy around TCB. (if you give a mouse a cookie) I’m not complaining, but I am forgetting details. Like leaving my purse in the car all night with the key in my purse. Yea…….things like that. (I normally park in the garage, but all the basement furniture is there).

So……there I am. I’m choosing simple.Holiday Wine Tips

My simple idea that looks festive and keeps white wine chilled, is freezing cranberries and using as ice.  This way you don’t dilute your wine.

I rinsed my cranberries, dried them, and then just placed them in a ziplock bag to freeze. Take out what you need…….just like ice. frozen cranberries

Doesn’t that look festive?  So pretty and now so functional. All this glass needs now are my drink charms! 

Holiday Wine Tips- Winter Sangria

So that’s my simple……super simple. But the Winter Sangria isn’t THAT hard.

Winter Sangria Recipe
  • 2 bottles Merlot
  • ½ t – cinnamon, nutmeg, ground cloves, 3 cinnamon sticks
  • Orange slices
  1. Mix and pour into pitcher to chill over night.
  2. Before serving: Add 2 liters Ginger-ale and lots of ice.
  3. I served mine in a large glass drink dispenser and it looks really pretty! I added extra orange slices for looks.


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