Birdseed Wreaths

Homemade  Birdseed Wreath

I'm always looking for creative and stylish ways to feed the birds. One way is making homemade birdseed wreaths. It not only feeds the birds, but they look cute too! Decorate any covered area with a birdseed wreath for a rustic and stylish look.

Birdseed Wreath Ingredients

– flour – gelatine – water – birdseed – any pan with a hole in the middle – oil – corn syrup

Mix the ingredients until they are fully incorporated.  Click below for a full printable recipe.

How to Make a Birdseed Wreath

Press and pack the mixture into your mold and let it sit for 24 hours. Hang in a dry area, out of the elements.

How to Make a Birdseed Ornament

Birdseed ornaments are a fun way to decorate an indoor or outdoor tree. They also make great gift tags. Follow the same method, but mold into a cookie cutter. Make sure to also poke a hole for the string.