Infused Vodka

Creating flavored vodka by infusing your favorite flavor combinations is easy. Printable label available which makes gift giving easy too.

2 free printable labels to choose from.  Print on sticker paper and apply directly to the bottle.

Ingredients Needed

Orange Peels

2 Vanilla Beans

Vodka - any kind

Additional Supplies Needed

Glass Bottle 


1 large jar & 1 large pitcher

Cheese Cloth

Step 1

* Place in Jar: orange peels & scored vanilla beans  * Pour in the vodka  Give it a stir. Seal & store in a cool dark place for 2 weeks. Occasionally swirl.

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Step 2

After 2 weeks, you're ready to pour.  Gather a large jar, pitcher or measuring bowl, and a cheesecloth. 

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Step 3

Place the cheesecloth over the jar and pour contents into a different jar, pitcher or measuring bowl.  Using a funnel to pour vodka into a glass bottle.  Add the free printable label. 

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