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How to  keep Fresh Garland Alive

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How to Keep  Garland Fresh

Decorating with fresh garland brings the scent of Christmas to your home. But it can dry quickly before the holiday is over. This can leave a mess and become a fire hazard.  I'm going to show you my simple tip for keeping your garland fresher longer for more Christmas enjoyment. 


How to Keep Garland from Drying Out

Place your fresh garland in a large tub, laundry sink or a bathtub.


Keeping Garland Fresh

Fill the tub with cool water and let it soak up overnight allowing it to drink up as much moisture as it can..


How to Keep Fresh Greens From Drying Out

Pull it out of the water and lay it out to dry. We hang ours over the deck railing.  


How to Keep Holiday Greenery and Live Christmas Trees Fresh

Spray generously with an Anti-Transpirant plant product. “This coating leaves a thin film of antitranspirant that creates a water-impermeable layer that reduces moisture loss.”


Fresh Holiday Christmas Garland

Hang along your stair railing, over windows, around the door, indoors or out! 

Easy Holiday Decorating with Fresh Garland

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