How to paint inside glass ornaments

Create custom colored Christmas ornaments with this easy craft. It's simple to paint or add glitter to the inside of clear glass or plastic ornaments.

DIY Painted  Clear Glass or Plastic  Christmas Ornaments

Supplies Needed: - Acrylic Paint - Glitter It or Pledge Floor Polish (for glittered ornaments only) - Glitter - for glittered only - Glass ornaments - Paper Cup

Making glass ornaments with Paint inside

Pour a small amount of paint inside ornament. Swirl the paint around until the paint has coated the inside completely.


DIY Paint Filled Ornaments

Place the ornament upside down in a paper cup to allow the excess paint to drain. I leave mine overnight. 


How to make Glittered Christmas Ornaments

To get the glitter to stick to the inside, pour Glitter It or Pledge Floor polish inside the ornament. Swirl until the inside is fully coated. 


How do you coat the inside of a glass ornament with glitter?

Pour glitter into the ornament and swirl until the inside is fully coated with glitter. Use a funnel if needed. 


DIY Glittered Glass ornaments

Place ornament upside down to drain excess liquid and glitter. Leave overnight. When dry, add the top hook and decorate!