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Simple Lawn Care for Fall

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We often think Spring is the most critical lawn care season, but in reality, fall can have just as much, if not more, impact on the health of your lawn year- round

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Lawn Care for Fall

Your Lawn Needs Care in the Fall

By the end of summer, our lawn is probably showing areas of dryness from the summer heat and drought conditions. Don’t worry, grass is very resilient and fall is a recovery period. As temps lessen and the days get shorter this helps reduce the amount of stress on our lawns.

4 Tips for Fall Lawn Care


Weeding Your Lawn

Choose a cool day and get your weeding finished. Moist ground is always easier to weed than dried out soil.

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Aerating & Dethatching

Thatching can be done with a rake. Aerating is done with a core aerator machine which has hollow tines that pull of small plugs of soil. This allows increased movement of water, nutrients, and oxygen into the soil, which promotes new growth for spring.

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When Should You Dethatch your Grass



Seeding or reseeding is one of the key components of fall lawn care. By doing this after summer’s heat subsides and before the winter freeze, homeowners can repair seasonal wear while giving their lawn an eight to nine months jumpstart on root growth.

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Reseeding a Lawn in the Fall



Fertilizing your lawn in the fall will help feed the grass for a hearty spring growth.

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Best Time to Fertilize Grass

Now that the yard work is done, it's time to enjoy those crisp fall days. Visit Today's Creative Life and learn more about this DIY Fireplace.

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