DIY Tabletop Fire Bowl

How to Make

diy fire bowl

This tabletop fire bowl is an easy DIY project that will bring function and style to your patio or deck.  Use it for extra ambiance or roasting marshmallows!

How to Make TableTop Fire Bowl

– Fireproof Container like a terracotta planter or galvanized bucket. – Fire Glass, Pea Gravel or Small Rocks- Do not use potting soil as it can be flammable.  – Sterno Clean Burning Gel - get food safe if you plan to use it for roasting.

Supplies Needed

DIY Tabletop Fire Bowl

1. Fill container 3/4 full. 2. Wedge the can of burning gel into the rock. 3. Place it in a safe place away from flammable objects.  4. Remove the lid of the burning gel and light. Replace lid to extinguish. ONLY USE OUTDOORS

How To:

Patio Decorating Ideas

DIY Fire Bowls are an easy way to add style to your deck or patio.  Always be cautious when using a flame and never leave it unattended or near small children.