Can You Freeze Yogurt?


Freezing Yogurt for Smoothies

YES! You can freeze yogurt! I've read you can even pop the whole container in the fridge.  I like freezing yogurt into cubes for making smoothies. Here's how I do it! 

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Can you freeze yogurt for Smoothies?

You'll need an ice cube tray. I like using smaller size cubes or even shapes. 

Frozen Yogurt Cubes for Smoothies

Frozen cubes of yogurt make smoothie making so much easier and will give your smoothie a more frosty consistency. 

Smoothie Packs with Frozen Yogurt Cubes

Freezing yogurt into cubes also make it easy to create smoothie packs. 

How To Freeze Yogurt

You simply put it in the shape or container you want to freeze it in and place in the freezer. These yogurt pops make a fun treat!