How to Host a  pasta Bar


Easy Meal Ideas for a Crowd

When you're looking for an easy way to host a crowd, all you need to know is How to Host a Pasta Bar! Everyone loves pasta, especially when they can mix and match their desired pasta shape, sauce and toppings.

Dishes for Buffet

I find it easy to use all-white dishes. It makes it easier to mix and match.

Offer a variety of pasta shapes. Add tortellini and ravioli too!

Ideas for Italian Buffet

Toppings & Sauce Ideas for Pasta Buffet

Offer marinara and alfredo sauces with favorite mix in's like tomatoes, olives, broccoli and more.  



Offer at least one salad. Caesar salad is a classic.

Don't forget the bread! Garlic Rolls from the freezer dept are easy and delicious!


1. I cook up extra and rinse in cold water to stop the cooking process. I add olive oil and store in a large ziplock baggy until needed, then I heat in a microwave friendly bowl before serving. 2. You can also keep cooked and oiled pasta in a large crockpot on warm or in the oven in a large covered casserole dish until needed. 3. You can use a disposable chafing dish.

How To Keep Pasta Warm

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