Let me share how I updated my son's sports-themed room into a relaxing stylish room for a young man. ts. Finding a balance that matches their personality can be challenging.  Let me share how I updated my son's sports themed room to a relaxing stylish room for a young man. 

Bedroom Ideas for Tweens

This was my son's room before we updated it. It's fun, full of energy, and reflects his interests.  Once he turned 16, he wanted an update. 

Bedroom Ideas for Young Men

We kept the same layout but updated the color scheme, bedding, and accents for a more adult and calm environment. 

Wall Murals for Boy Bedrooms

We added an abstract wall mural to give it a more edgy feel. 

Men's Bedroom ideas Grey

We changed the whole color scheme to greys, so I went to a classic ticking print for the sheets and duvet cover. 

Bedding for Boy Bedrooms

The bedding is from Redland Cotton. The hexagon shelfs were built by a friend. The head board and side tables were all built from two closet panel doors.  

Masculine Bedroom Decor

I have all the resources listed in my blog post. 

Easy Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Young Men