Best Time to Overeseed your Lawn

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The Best time to reseed your lawn is FALL

Fall and Autumn are the best times to give your grass a good boost and set you up for success in the spring and summer. Reseeding in the fall is better than spring overall.

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Here are 5 Steps on how to reseed your lawn in the fall. 

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Use a heavy-duty rake, a Straight Rake to remove dead grass.


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This process is to help soil compaction and thatch build-up. Using a hollow-tine core aerator will pull up small plugs of soil at regular intervals. This allows more oxygen, water, and nutrients to reach the grass’s roots more easily.



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The 3 primary nutrients that cool-season grasses respond well to are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Newly planted lawns or established lawns will need different proportions, that’s why it’s always good to talk to a turf expert.



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Choosing the right type of seed is key. Reading the Fall Maintenance report mentioned in the original article will help you decide what is best for your yard. Of course, you want to make sure the grass seed you do choose is from grass seed farmers in Oregon! 


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Water newly planted grass frequently if you’re not expecting any rainfall. You want the keep the top layer damp until you see the seeds germinate. Once it germinates, you can reduce your watering along with the cooler fall temps and increased rainfall.



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