Homemade Fire Starters 

Using Pine Cones

Homemade Fire Starters make it easy for backyard fires or even for your indoor wood stove or fireplace.  These make creative DIY gift ideas for the holidays.  See more ways to make homemade fire starters on Today's Creative Life.

Supplies for Making  Pine Cone Fire Starters

- Dry Pine Cones - Paraffin Wax - Cotton String - Muffin Tin & paper liners

Melt the Wax

Use a double boiler to melt the wax. I used a mason jar setting in a pot of boiling water. 

Wrap the String

Wrap the string around each pine cone.

Pour the Wax

Pour Wax into each muffin liner and set a pine cone in. 

Let them Cool

When the wax is cooled and solid, it's time to remove them from the muffin tin.  Use one or two for starting your fire. 


- Dip the whole pine cone in the wax.   - You can color the wax with candle dye.   - Dip the end of the string in the wax.