Ideas for Curb Appeal ~

I have been dying for the sun to show up so we can get our house looking good for Summer! Time to plant a few annuals, time to sweep away the gunk on the porch, time to give our home a little curb appeal facelift. I’ve got so many ideas for curb appeal!
I put my “Lowe’s Creator” hat on and got to work in making my home look a bit more pleasant. Last month was a room makeover, this month is curb appeal. I kept it simple by adding a lot of flowers that will look much better once they grow and bloom. I promise to take another photo in about a month to show you the progress.creative ideas

Houses with Curb Appeal

My house needed more curb appeal. Boring garage doors, boring grounds……….. See what I mean?  house needing curb appeal

I have been dying to add Carriage Door hardware (carriage door hinge & strap) to my garage doors for a few years. I think houses that have these types of garages are so cute! Talk about curb appeal. Sometimes it takes my husband awhile to come around. I don’t know why he drags his feet on a few of my ideas, because he knows eventually he’s going to have to succumb to my crazy notions.

Carriage door hardware for homesWe had to special order the carriage door hardware, which was no problem at all. Within a week, we had them. I think they are exactly what my home needed. My husband even thinks so now too. Cost was about $54 for both sets

Ideas for Curb Appeal

Look how much character it adds to the front of my home. I’d say it’s curb appeal just went up! It also helped that the sun came out.

houses with curb appeal

I also added the star to the gate.  My husband built the gate a few years ago and spoiled me by trying to make the top I described.  I can’t wait for my honeysuckle to climb all over it. It’s the little things that make a home look better.

I updated my front flower pots with flowers for the summer. (yes, those are terracotta pots spray painted)

planting flower pots curb appeal

Cleaned up the flower beds and planted a couple of perennials and a lot of annuals. (yes, that fountain is spray painted too)  They had many varieties of Lavender at Lowe’s but we decided with a Spanish lavender for bigger blooms.

planting flowers curb appeal

I replaced my rosemary holiday trees with a boxwood that I hope will stay all year.  I added more flowers of course.

entery way red door curb appeal

Someday I’m going to get a new front door from Lowe’s. I’ll still paint it red, but it won’t have the rainbow window arch.  But for now, it will do.

entery way curb appeal

I fell in love with this Valspar Waverly Home Classics paint from Lowe’s. This color is called Crystal Blue.  Now I have a little table to set my coffee on. I love it!

curb appeal

houses with curb appeallowes creative




As a Lowe’s Creator “girl”, I am compensated with a gift card for each project.  All purchases are my choice as well as my opinions.



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  1. says

    I desperately need to add some curb appeal to the front of my home. Specifically I need to pressure wash my deck, stain it and add a railing. I think it would help make it look cute and quaint just in time for those summer gatherings I so WANT to have. :)

  2. sam b says

    My front yard is in desperate need of some color in the flower beds, lights on the pathway, a small bistro sitting area on the porch to watch the kids play, and the house needs a good scrubbing.

  3. Kayla H says

    I need to repaint my front door BADLY, and fix up my mailbox. I would love to add some shutters to my windows as well, I really think it would soften the look of my home!

  4. Jennifer Coulter says

    We have a great front porch–I just need some spruced up furniture on it and some large planters.
    I love your door color–ours is also a bright red and we have the same garage doors!

  5. Stephanie says

    Everything! We have a big, beautiful country home that sits on over 40 acres. When my husband and I were still dating, I has grandeous visions for our home to be a place that would beckon friends and family to come and make memories with us. Between my husband and myself we have four children from previous marriages and I was determined to make our house a home filled with laughter, beauty and love. Well, 8 years later and all we’ve managed to accomplish is a tiny flower garden in the front! It’s sad because we have this gorgeous home with tons of yard space but ZERO landscaping or decoration…, when I say everything, unfortunately I’m not kidding.. :)

  6. gail says

    ohhh, my home needs a ton for curb appeal. I’ve been trying, but it’s slow going. Some pretty flowers and mulch would really help a LOT!
    great giveaway Kim!
    Love the little changes you made. You have a beautiful home.


  7. says

    We just resided our home, added new shutters and windows. We added new garage doors last year (with the same hinges – LOVE THEM). Now I need to redo my front porch, and I also need to add some color to my gardens. LOTS left to do. :)

  8. Sarah S. says

    I really need to repaint the trim around our garage doors and fill in old caulking… but I’d really probably buy cute new house numbers and some flowers!!

  9. Jen says

    We really need to work on our landscaping — colorful flowers for the front of our house, and new shrubs for the side.

  10. Steph @ Crafting in the Rain says

    Your changes look awesome Kim!
    We have a strip of yucky bushes on one side of our garage that should be torn out and replaced with something else!

  11. says

    My husband is in the process of redoing our landscaping in the front and it looks terrible!! But we’ll get there. Your house is so cute!!

  12. says

    Great giveaway! I just moved into my first house and it needs a LOT of TLC. The garage door needs to be painted, we need patio furniture, yard working tools, flowers and mulch for the front and back beds, something done to the garden, new fence. I have started working, but there is so much more to go.

  13. says

    Need to paint my boring white front door at bright color – I think it’s going to be red! (What color paint is yours?) Some pretty perennials couldn’t hurt also!

  14. Catey says

    My gardens need help and I’d love to cover our front porch. We bought our house a little over a year ago. It had been abandoned for 2 years previous to that. It hadn’t been remodeled since 1970. The gardens were over grown and when we redid the roof in the fall it destroyed what was left. It’s not my dream house but someday it will be.

  15. says

    I think I would paint my front door a new color – maybe a nice buttery yellow. Change out the mat to something cuter and add a hanging basket of flowers.

  16. Valerie White says

    I need to get some flowers planted, my front door painted, some new bark down and a few sprinklers replaced and maybe a new door handle since no one can open my broken front door : ( Lowes here we come!!

  17. says

    My front porch needs new (and safer!) front steps so that people wouldn’t trip getting into my house! I would also get paint to paint the front door a much more appealing color! :)

  18. Angie C says

    Great giveaway! My house could definitely use some flowers and for the porch to be painted :)

  19. Cynthia B. says

    We need new lantern lights for our front porch. The original ones are tarnished, and one is even crooked.
    I’d also like to get new address numbers. It’s hard to see the number on our house unless you’re really close to the old numbers. Would also love to buy some wall decor and a planter for the front porch.
    We already get Lowe’s magazine – great ideas, and a nice publication! Looks like you made some appealing changes to your home!

  20. Stacy says

    Kim! Your whole house is darling!!!! The befores and afters :) I love everything.

  21. says

    Hubby and I are currently working on our front yard, I have a new corner to plant a garden outside my front door. I would love to buy some plants and a birdbath or garden statues. I also love your garage door makeover. It’s was so simple yet made such a big difference.

  22. Morgan Thomas says

    We are just buying a house so there’s a ton of stuff that we need to do! Starting with planting flowers and painting the front door :)

  23. jengd says

    We’re trying to refinish the deck. It had about 3 layers of paint on it that were peeling when we bought it. We know we can’t get the paint off of the railing so we’re trying to get it off of the flat areas, water seal those so the natural color comes through and then paint the railings white.

  24. says

    My mom is a single mother, so she often because of time and money she isn’t able to ‘update’ the yard. I would love to get her some flowers and such to give the yard a fresh look!

  25. Megan says

    I would love to add touches to the garage door like you did. I also would love to add some color by planting some flowers and adding a bench to the front porch. Some paint for the front door would be awesome too!

  26. Susan Lazenby says

    Your home is lovely! Really like the exterior colors and your door? Red is perfect and model home!Thank you for tweeting the link. I may find my paint and fill my cart with summer annuals, too.

  27. Jennie P. says

    I’d love to add some nice new trees to the front yard. Thanks for the chance!

  28. Jennie P. says

    I’m already signed up for Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine. Thanks for the chance!

  29. says

    What a great facelift! We have a new portico on the front of our home thanks to our son but need to fit it with appropriate lighting now!

  30. Britney O'Connor says

    Our entire yard needs help. We have a lot of improvements to be made, but with a new baby comes a tight budget! We have a carport that needs to be fixed so we can park our vehicles in the correct place. We also could use some flowers! I’d love to have a succulent flower bed. We need some rocking chairs or a bench to put on our front porch. Winning this gift card would help us get a jump start at making our front yard & home welcoming!

  31. Melissa says

    Wow, Kim. I thought your home had TONS of curb appeal before !!! but you just tipped it over the edge with those carriage door hinges and handles. Love it! Everything looks great! My house needs some serious help. Landscaping, my deck needs refinishing, I want to paint my front doors and garage doors….but now I’m inspired by how cute your house looks!

  32. Emily Neilsen says

    my house needs just about everything and anything but I think I’d fix the porch up so my husband and I can sit outside and watch the kiddos play.

  33. Lindsey Grace says

    My shutters and front doors need to be restained! It’s on our list of “to-do’s”!! I also would love to spruce around my small front porch- new doormat, wreath, lighting, planter.

  34. says

    Seriously LOVE the hardware on the garage, adds curb appeal, style, and is just plain cute! Love the blue table also. Can’t wait to get my Lowe’s Magazine! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  35. says

    oh gracious – what DOESN’T the front of my house need for curb appeal?! Truth be told, I have a “black thumb,” so my sweet daughter gets excited over the fact that one, random purple pansy made a random appearance recently. I do have a cute wreath I made, as well as an equally cute “No Solicitors” sign I made as well…but that’s because craftiness is my strong suit. We’re getting ready to put our house on the market, so I am certain that curb appeal is going to be one of the very first things we address. I’m thinking potted plants, and bright flowers planted in the flower beds. Thanks so much for posting this tonight! I’ve been looking for ideas and the pics are definitely inspiring!!!

  36. Kari Habeck says

    My house would look so much nicer if it had a covered entry way. It could also use a paint job and maybe my front yard could be spruced up a bit!

  37. Rachael M. says

    My goodness, I’d take the before house! My poor little house is a yard of rocks, and the house is painted yellow, rust and primer…ugh! There are so many things that could be done it’s overwhelming! The idea magazine will be a great inspiration to get going on some projects!

  38. Amy says

    There is so much that I could do to add curb appeal to my house, definatly some new flowers and flower pots, paint my front door a bold color to stand out, definatly repaint the porch furniture. The list could go on and on…but thanks for the oppurtunity to be entered!

  39. Christi says

    I think new shrubs, a new color on the door, potted plants, and a patio swing would really help the front of our house.

  40. Britny Garcia says

    Great giveaway!! My house needs the front door painted and new flowers that can withstand this AZ heat! :)

  41. dusty says

    I think just a little tlc would do it some good. A little paint here and there and getting the riding lawn mower to work would be amazing.

  42. says

    Oh geez, there are gardening issues. I ripped out a bunch of weeds and tried to plant flowers, but it’s just not happening properly. I need more flowers, ones that do well in shade. And veggies out back.

  43. Mary says

    We need lighting! We live out away from city lights and some low voltage lighting would really help out. I subscribed to Lowe’s Creative ideas.

  44. says

    The front of my house is so boring. I want to dress it up with one of those sweet, old fashioned wooden screen doors. You know, the one’s that slam because of the spring attachment. A Lowe’s card would surely help with that purchase! I signed up for the Lowe’s magazine. New ideas are always welcome. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  45. Connie Haack says

    We need a new Storm door. Ours is in bad shape. But I would really like to put in a really different flower display in the front. Not just planted flowers but something with different heights and add some garden art.

  46. Connie Haack says

    I already subscribe to Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine and it is full of great ideas. I love it.

  47. says

    I’d love to add a living wall garden in my backyard! Which since I live on a corner shows off into the street. Also need a new front door. To be practical, I’d probably get the front door, or at least paint mine!

  48. says

    We are in need of a little sprucing outdoors ourselves. Projects for this summer include: staining our fence, mulching the flower beds, keeping a small garden, and touching up outdoor trim with paint.

  49. Jeanne says

    I really need to replace the lights outside my front door. Don’t know what took me so long to realize they are way too small for the space. Lowe’s has some lovely ones that would look great on either side of my front door. Love the way your garage turned out!

  50. Gina says

    All of it! We built a new home, and we have to start our landscaping from scratch.

  51. says

    I subscribed, thanks so much for the info on getting the magazine!!

    I need new color next to our front door. My pots are the standard terra cotta, and now that I’ve seen your idea for spray painting, I’ve gotta give that a try! They of course would need new beautiful flowers to fill them. It’s that time of year to add back what mother nature took away over the winter 😉

  52. says

    Your yard looks beautiful! Myself, I need to paint the front door, paint the living room, redo the bathroom, organize the craft room…my list is endless!

  53. shari says

    I love the look of carriage doors, too! Only problem is that my doors don’t have the cut out windows on top. Would it look weird to add that hardware? I would love to do that to spruce up the house–oh, and add a good power washing, too!

  54. Anne Marie says

    I desperately need to replace bushes and add color with some planters and flowers. I need something hardy as I do not have a green thumb. I already subscribe to Lowes magazine.

  55. Jan says

    Mine sweet little house needs much more than a little hardware and flowers. It needs a good scraping and paint job (I need to figure out what colors to paint that would go with my brick.) New lighting and lots of landscaping. And a new front door would be fabulous. I do love the Lowe’s magazine and have been getting it for a couple of years now. Great ideas.

  56. Julie says

    We really need to have a new driveway put down. We could do all kinds of things to add curb appea, but the driveway would still be any eyesore.

  57. VickiS says

    Love your new updated look. I know this is not new but that pop of red is really great! We’re redoing the front landscape (hopefully) have just installed a sprinkler system and am having new sod laid but in desperate need of bushes, flowers, etc. It is so hot down here (SW Florida) that we have to be careful of what we plant but with a sprinkler system that should help. Thanks for the opportunity to win a great prize.

  58. Cathy says

    Your updates to your flower gardens and garage door really boost the curb appeal. Our front porch needs HELP. It needs a new floor and some TLC. Our shutters also need to be revived with a good paint job. The $100 card would help start us on our way.

  59. says

    Okay, I have everything crossed that can be crossed – and so does my family. We live in Northern Virginia – where the cost of houses is equivalent to CA! No way can we afford any curb appeal living here. The house we moved into has tiny white rocks and mismatched large stepping stones leading to our porch. It is crazy looking and hard to step gracefully on to ring our doorbell. We would have it paved!!!!! Goodbye tiny rocks, choking hazards for upcoming baby #3!

  60. michelle goodrich says

    well i’d start with paint for the cement floor, outdoor rugs, lumber and hardware to build a porch swing, cusions and fabric and plants and lighting and and and.. obviously i chose to leave out many of the items on our wish list(ha!!!)
    really nice work on your own outdoor updates! I especially love how the well the ‘crystal blue’ and red work together

  61. Alie says

    We need flowers, herbs, pots, and paint. We move a lot. My husband is in the military and we need things that move with us and also give us a sense of home at each new place. II really like your after pictures you have some great ideas. Thank you!

  62. kaybee says

    I would LOVE to add some color and plants to our boring balcony! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  63. Tricia says

    Hmmm…what does my house need….

    a bath (pressure wash)
    new plants (ferns, succulents, ground cover, annuals (for pops of color)).
    new paint for the front door
    new light for front door

    Cant wait for the magazine too!!! Super excited for the insipration!!!

  64. Saundra says

    I need paint for my rockers on my front porch, along with some plants for around the porch, and maybe a table of some kind to go between the chairs.

  65. Saundra says

    I need paint for my rockers on my front porch, along with some plants for around the porch, and maybe a table of some kind to go between the chairs.

  66. Shannon Spath says

    My husband built an amazing fence years ago. We’ve never stained it. Staining it would make a hug difference in our curb appeal. Your house looks terrific! I love the blue table with the red chairs and front door.

  67. Sarah S. says

    I really need to add some color to our landscaping! Seeing all your flowers shows me what a difference a few blooms can make. Thanks for the inspiration!

  68. Fran says

    What my home needs the most for more curb appeal is a new coat of stain on my trim. It has been neglected for waaaay too long. We need to replace some of it also. So a $100 Lowe’s gift card would come in pretty handy. Thank you for the opportunity to win one!!

  69. Gayle Shepherd says

    Your home is beautiful! My home definitely needs a backhoe to dig out all the bushes &shrubs in front. We have lived here 14 years and the plantings are enormous. No amount of pruning will do, they just need to be replaced so you can see the front of my pretty house!

  70. Alexandria says

    I would love to repaint our wooden front porch swing and make it white and also add new lights to the porch too :)

  71. Jennifer says

    I think my home could use an arbor and gate like your husband built. It is beautiful.

  72. Katie says

    My home could use so much to enhance the curb appeal. This year we’re focusing on landscaping.

  73. Christie says

    Our home needs a new mailbox and fence to up our curb appeal. I truly think our yard would be perfect with those two changes.

  74. Emily says

    Our house needs some new shrubs in front of the house. And I already receive Lowe’s Creative Ideas magazine and love it!

  75. Samantha Camp says

    My home needs so much help!! Two years ago, my husband got a new job that required us to relocate back to Washington State from Utah. Well, we weren’t able to sell our house when we had to move so we rented it out to some “friends”. Well they just let the house go while they lived there for a year and a half and now everything we had planted died, is overgrown, full of weeds, and dirty! :( We are going to have a lot of work to do to get it back into looking great and having good curb appeal again…

  76. Holly says

    My home could use some BIG planters in front of the garages…like yours but bigger;)

  77. cindy says

    We are in a continual fixer upper and could use landscaping ideas, plants and building supplies too.

  78. Susana C. says

    awesome! my front of the house needs help! flowers and plants! 😉 signed up!

  79. Laura F. says

    Our poor sad deck needs attention-a good coat of paint and some new furniture!

    I already subscribe to Lowe’s Creative Ideas magazine, and I love it.

  80. says

    Hi Kim! My home (okay, my apartment!) desperately needs something to make the front porch more appealing. I’d love to furnish it with some colorful hanging plants to take advantage of the southern exposure and frame those gorgeous dawns and sunsets and have a lush container sitting by the door as well.
    I’ve signed up for the Creative Living magazine AND I’ve posted this giveaway on my FB page – The Bottomless Heart :)

  81. says

    We bought out home 4 years ago. Since then I have removed 6 of the 14 shutters that were on the front of the house (it’s a split-foyer) to bring the focus up. Repainted the kelly green shutters black, painted the brown door white, removed the juniper bushes and the 2 story tall rhododendron from the front of the house. We’ve tried planting japonicas (2 of the original 5 are still with us). I want something evergreen so that the foundation plants are dead/bare in winter. But I’m having trouble finding one that will stay alive. :/ Also, I’m wanting to paint the front door black. The white was a good switch from the brown stained door, but now I’m not feeling it anymore. Black would really stand out. Thanks for the chance to win!

  82. Kelly Palmer says

    We have been working a lot on our curb appeal. We stained the mail box post, painted the mail box, planted some flowers and pressure washed the driveway. It looks sooo much better now! The next project is to recover our porch swing cushion and put down some grass seed in the bare areas of our yard.

  83. Melissa says

    I need curb appeal at the front door – I want to paint it black – add a kick plate and then work on the urns and flowers!

    THANKS for the opportunity to win!

  84. Carly Delise says

    My home seriously needs new front lights. Just changing those out would be a HUGE improvement!

  85. Linda says

    I think a new front door or at least a new paint job on the old one would add the splash of color our house needs. I just signed up to receive the magazine…I can’t wait to take a look!

  86. Shelley C says

    Our house has a front porch that spans the entire front…and it needs a few boards replaced and needs to be restained. Hubs is working on the roof this summer. Like you, I need to adds pops of color with flowers. I love the carriage house garage doors; I think I’ll do that looks great!

  87. Zan says

    Love the curd appeal changes and ideas. Thank you for offering the give away. I need curb appeal help!!!!

  88. says

    Something needs to be done with the flower beds. The dirt is so hard you can’t plant anything there, only weeds will grow. Some of them are falling apart and either needs to be repaired, or ripped out completely.

  89. Monina Clingaman says

    I would love to have a privacy fence type using planters in the back patio.

  90. Lynn says

    DEFINITELY some big beautiful planters! We also have a little dead-spot between two bushes that needs filling with something fab.

    LOVE the hardware on your carriage doors! The kapow-factor is stunning.

  91. says

    We need *everything* to improve our curb appeal, lol! We just resided our new (to us) home, so now everything else is on the list — a new painted door, finish off our new steps, paint our foundation block, plants, house numbers…..the whole shebang! =)

    ~ Mara

  92. Kate says

    Our home desperately needs a new paint color for our front door and some flower pots for the front porch.

  93. RuthAnn says

    I already receive the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine…and am constantly coming up with some project to try (a.k.a. convince my husband to make!!)
    I would love to work on our front porch (b/c there isn’t one!) Would probably buy lumber and build an A-line porch/cover as our home currently has no “rain coverage” at the front door… need that in rainy Oregon!!
    Thanks for the giveaway and great inspirations!!

  94. Susannah says

    My home need a pick me up! I would definitely change the light fixtures, get a new front door and add some colorful flowers. Your fabulous makeover has inspired me to make some much needed changes! Thanks for the opportunity to win, Kim.

  95. Chris says

    I live in a condo – very cookie cutter. We aren’t permitted to make any exterior upgrades/changes but I’d love to have lots of pretty flowers on my deck – both in planters and hanging baskets. That would definately boost my curb appeal. =)

  96. Caitlynne says

    Our house was a rental before we bought it, so needless to say it is definitely lacking in the curb appeal department. We planted some annuals this year, but other than that…it is untouched.

  97. Marie Sawyer says

    We just moved into a new home, and although the bones of outside are BEAUTIFUL, it definitely needs some waking up! I would love to change the front door and get the landscaping under control! I feel like we need some updated rockers too because the white wicker that is there {and is now yellow} just doesn’t appeal! I love your Adirondack chairs and I’m thinkng they would be perfect for our vision. Thanks so much for a chance to win!

  98. says

    My house could use some mulch and some plants for my new planters. I love your red accents! i want to do the same thing with orange, maybe not on my front door though :)

  99. megan says

    We need plants and landscaping to replace the 15 nasty Junipers we just ripped out that wrapped around the front and side of our house. We also need some new outdoor lighting.

  100. Keri says

    I love the garage doors! That is a great idea, that I think I will incorporate into my house! I would also love a new front door. Ours is BORING!

  101. says

    I love the garage door hardware! I might need to do that to our home! We just built a new house so right now I’m working on replacing the builder’s landscaping with better looking plants and getting our grass to grow. Thanks for the chance to win a gift card-I feel e I’m spending our life’s savings at Lowes since we moved in last month!

  102. Mary says

    Our deck needs refinishing and our porch needs help big time! Would love to be able to get this kick start to improving the curb appeal.

  103. Valerie says

    Since we’re in a rental, and can’t do anything permanent, I would definitely need some planters and flowers and some patio furniture to make it feel like home!

  104. Kellye Davis says

    We need everything, we have lived here 9 years and every single year we say we are going to plant bushes and flowers and then of course we never have the money to do it. So you can say our home lacks serious curb appeal.

  105. Patricia Kellogg says

    To rent a mini skid steer to level and grade my back yard. Right now we are “shoveling” it and it’s back breaking work! Need about 14″ of dirt removed to fix the drainage problem we have…the living room floods every time it rains..;o(…

  106. Christine F says

    We are buying a home soon, and it’s going to need a lot of love and curb appeal. Would love a little something from Lowes to help us get started! Love your red door by the way <3 Maybe that will be first on the list? :)

  107. Andrea D. says

    I signed up for the newsletter. I have no real curb appeal. So I have absolutely everything to change. We had a bush that died and some trees in our yard. We really need to fix the flower beds and fix the grass/weeds. I would love to work on this. I would also love to paint our front door and do some touch up since pant is falling off around the garage doors. I would also love to find some good drought resistant plants and make an herb garden on our back porch.

  108. Jessica says

    Our front porch and walkway need desperate help. There is nothing there that is welcoming or inviting.

  109. Natalie G. says

    Our house is getting there, but I think we need a better looking screen door and new railings- the concrete steps are solid at least, but I hope to make them prettier. Our garage needs to be painted too, but at least that’s in the back so you don’t notice it right away. :)

  110. says

    I would love to paint my door and add some fresh greenery to my flower bed. We are about to close on our new house so there’s plenty of projects I could use a Lowe’s card for :-)

  111. Susan N. says

    What a great Giveaway! My house could totally use a update… we are redoing our front porch and need paint and a few new flowers would be fantastic!
    I just signed up for the Lowes Newsletter!!!

  112. Patti says

    We could use a landscape architect!! LOL Love your blog, thanks for sharing such great ideas!

  113. Michele M. Mozuch says

    Our entry way sidewalk lacks curb appeal. We could use some grass or seed, because it is really bare in some spots and gets muddy! I also would love to either tile or stain the entry way. Thanks!

    • Michele M. Mozuch says

      Our entry way sidewalk lacks curb appeal. We could use some grass or seed, because it is really bare in some spots and gets muddy! I also would love to either tile or stain the entry way. Thanks!

  114. says

    The primary thing I need to do is get all the scattered shoes off my front porch :) Seriously though something as simple as an overdue painting of my porch swing would help a great deal. On my list!

  115. Abbe Obszanski says

    Our house REALLY needs outdoor lighting. A new front door light…landscape lighting…everything! Please help!! :)

  116. twelve30 says

    I’d like to add some rockers & new lighting to the front porch. Thanks for the giveaway!

  117. Jessica Pollock says

    Oh wow, I love your home, it’s beautiful! And I love that you spray painted the terra cotta planters! Our house desperately needs a paint job! We have stucco and the color they painted it originally is just a terrible shade of grey, and I actually LOVE grey, just not the shade they chose. And the purple-ish trim on the eaves is peeling like crazy so while we have a million other projects around the house, I think painting would be the biggest improvement for now.

  118. Kaye Love says

    The porch rails needs to be painted and the lighting would benefit from an upgrade and refreshening. I love showing at Lowe’s more than anywhere!! Thanks.

  119. Shannon Hall says

    We need the front porch railings painted BAD! Gutters done last, now to have money for the porch! If we could find a self cleaner for them too for afterwards, even better! Dreaming I know!

  120. Janie La Pierre says

    Still needing a little help in the plant department, but I’m working on that!

  121. Andrea Beshuk says

    Our home needs the details…. accessories, like you’ve been doing. Love the garage doors!

  122. Patricia Crowley says

    My front yard is in desperate need of some landscaping! I would get some new mulch and flowers!

  123. says

    We have a front bed that could really use some plant additions. I believe that’s what I’d do with the gift card. That or stain our fence which is also on the top of the list. I’ve been enjoying Lowe’s Creative Ideas for years and am already a subscriber.

  124. Tia says

    I love the updates on your home. I think mine actually needs a professional but if I had to choose one thing it would be exterior paint!

  125. Kathy Moody says

    My front porch really needs to be painted and a splash of color added to the door! Thank you for the giveaway.

  126. Patt Marcial says

    I love curb appeal.
    Right now what I need is my front patio to be cleaned up. There are weeds sprouting between the pavers. Also need our water fountain cleaned up and filled with water.

  127. Shawn B. says

    I need some color on my front porch – like some hanging art work – would love some extra cash to get some boards, and make a brightly colored welcome sign!!!

  128. Erin Young says

    ohhh….our plants in the front could use some sprucing up. So could the light fixtures and house numbers. what a big improvement just that would be! :)))

  129. Cyndy Elliott says

    I need some curb appeal because my porch doesn’t face the street, so I need something to make the sides of my drive way to look much nicer.

  130. Cori says

    We could use some landscaping. We recently transformed our front porch and now need to have landscaping to match. We have NO flowers or bushes! I do already receive the magazine, love their ideas!

  131. says

    Great Giveaway… I would like to add a few potted plants to my front and/or create a privacy area for my garbage cans (patio stones and white fence panels). You can see the the cans from the road and I don’t think it looks nice. Thanks again!! AJ@queenofmynest

  132. says

    I’d love to paint my front door a fun color. It’s currently a very dark, bland hunter green and I’d like to freshen it up a little for my tastes (not the previous owner’s!). Thanks for the chance!

  133. vicki friedrich says

    My house needs some color and new screen doors. It would be so awesome to win this gift card. Lowe’s has the most awesome plants and flowers ever!

  134. Stacy says

    My home needs some serious color. It’s so……… blah. It’s my very first house & it was a foreclosure. The only way that I could’ve ever afforded it, but anyway. It take time to repair or replace broken or outdated items in a house. So the curb appeal has been mostly on the back burner, for now that is. :)

  135. gail B says

    We rented out our home for a few years. Now we are trying to fix it up after the renters. It needs a major over-haul. The front yard is so boring with a circle drive in front of the covered front porch. It only has grass and bushes in front of the porch. I need help! Thanks

  136. Ruth Lutz says

    WOW! So many great ideas to use for our home! My husband and I came home from a trip to find a water leak and mold… we’re off to Lowe’s for bathroom remodeling ideas!

  137. Christina says

    I have all of these great repurposed “planters” on my front porch. They are empty and need some life/color added to them for some curb appeal. I am currently subscribed to the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine and love their simple projects!

  138. Renee A Davis says

    In July 2010 we lost our house due to foreclosure & have been renting since then, last year in May my best friend’s rental house became available for us to rent. When she bought this house, I helped her move in. A few years later she moved up North & has been renting it out. Last May God worked out all the details & we were able to rent from her, it was a blessing both ways. As soon as we moved in it felt like home & I fell in love with the house….a few months ago she offered to sell us the house & carry the paperwork. As of yesterday 5/31/12, we closed escrow….and now are the proud owners of this wonderful house. The front could use some curb appeal with new light fixtures & some new plants…my husband has a great eye for landscaping.

    Thank you…

  139. Sue Smilesalot says

    I could actually use a new paint color for the house. Or some grass seed for the patchy areas would be great.

  140. Zan says

    I need to something/ anything to my dreadfully plain front door entry. It is awful! Also need new plants for the flower beds by the entry (lost them when we had the foundation leveled due to the Texas drought). Thanks!

  141. says

    LOVE the carriage garage doors!!!! Doesn’t fit with my house style…. but a fresh plants in my entry flower pot sure would look nice! Also flowers for my new flower box that I got for mother’s day… she’s been asking for some greenery 😉

  142. Diane G says

    paint! and I love your tall vases/urns. I’ll be shopping for one of those to put next to my front door. so much to do right now, but then so much to enjoy all summer long!

  143. Leeann M. says

    This is a toughie because my answer is different every time I think about it. I need pavers! I need to paint my front door and entryway! I want a birdbath.


  144. Pam says

    Been trying and trying to get to those Lowe’s hinge straps (they are no in store) and can even get there from Lowe’s website. I NEED them badly for the shutters I just built and hung on my house AND for the garage door!


    • Pam says

      oh and p.s. – send me a link if there is a way to order them through Lowe’s – I LOVE Lowe’s!!!
      Pretty please!

      • Kim says

        My dear Pam…..I had to special order them from Lowe’s. I couldn’t find them on their site either. They were very helpful in showing me ones to pick out, and then order. They arrived in about a week.

  145. Kim P says

    What curb appeal? We pulled daying old holly bushes years ago and now it is just a big empty blah. The red maple tree above is slowly disintegrating limb by limb. Yikes.

  146. Allison says

    I need to repaint the hanging lanterns as they have faded as well as add flowers in the currently empty planters on either side of the door. Oh and restain the shingles that have faded on the front of the house. Thanks for the chance at a little help.

  147. nicole says

    we could use work on the front yard -we need curb appeal down the sidewalk an across the front. we have an arbor, but no fencing…

  148. Paula Sulkin says

    I love the way you spruced up your home. I live in Florida and miss the character that northern schools have.

  149. Yvette says

    We need some nice,but easy to take care of, landscaping. Also the cracked cement in our front pathway desperately needs to be replaced, or better yet, pavers will make it more appealing.

  150. Erin P says

    We need a new garage door…BAD! I always loved the carriage door look. However, now I’m thinking to go with a plain door and DIY the fancy hardware. I bet the money I’ll save will be better spent on my other crafting needs!

  151. Shauntelle says

    We live in a condo with a small yard and we definitely need to improve our yard. If we won the gift card, we’d hit Lowes for annuals and some garden accessories.

  152. says

    Actually to improve my yards curb appeal it needs a total make over,=) short of that, I could start with mulching some area’s to look better…

    Carri Wright

  153. Adrian says

    Probably the best thing our house needs for curb appeal is to replace the trees out front. I foolishly put silk ones out there because I found them on a clearance sale. They looked fine at first, but after two summers of blazing sun, they have faded to an odd lime green color that makes it very clear they are fake.

    PS: Looking forward to seeing you at EVO! I can’t wait.

  154. Mary Hammond says

    umm….What DOESN’T my home need to add curb appeal! Exterior paint, I LOVE the carriage hardware and want to add that to my garage, and the flower beds in the back are hideous! I’d love to win this g/c and put it to good use!

  155. Ashley Young says

    My house needs some flowers in the front, and we need to replace the retaining wall.

  156. says

    Your house is SO lovely, Kim! And, the combo of red & blue that you used is one of my fave color combos!

    Love this giveaway. And what do I NOT need for my house to give it some curb appeal? :) We have columns framing our entryway that are badly in need of re-staining (they get beaten down by the sun as our house is south-facing), I’ve been dying for some large planters to help frame the entryway, new solar pathway lights, some fresh paint for the outdoor furniture, and I have been dying to paint our door a luscious rich lime color… that’s just to start! 😉 Thanks for the giveaway!

  157. Page says

    I SO need to win this. We had a flood 2 years ago when we bought our short sale and had to do an unplanned remodel which has really drained finances. Our neighbor asked me when we were ever going to get to the yard – THAT was embarassing. So we really need to pull out some of the clay, add top soil and landscape. BADLY!

  158. Lori o. says

    I would definitely add some color. I currently have two planters with nothing in them. Also would love to add some seating out front for when the kids are riding bikes.

  159. Julie says

    As you pull into the driveway…need some landscaping done with flowers,mulch,rocks etc;.
    I get the lowe’s creative magazine by mail thanks

  160. Ruth Hill says

    We need more work done in our yard. It is only half done. It does look like a mess out there!

  161. Trina Coleman says

    I so want to add the hardware to my garage doors. My husband like yours is dragging his feet. I am going to show him this and I think he will jump on board. thanks.

  162. Jodi says

    I need some ideas on painting a front door and adding more curb appeal to my exixiting plants…we just moved into a house this past winter and have to wait for all the plants to bloom to see what I am working with!! I am subscibed to the newsletter…ps love the red door!!

  163. Judy Oliver says

    Need some color in my front yard and around the front porch. Spent $1.25 for some WHITE petunias and that’s the extent of it! Like most, finances are tight and what I could do with that gift card. Thanks for sharing your home – looks great!

  164. Karolyn says

    Great ideas! We are working on creating a brand new front garden. We would like to add a dried riverbed with lots of plant on the outside. Also, we would like a nice bench or bistro set for the front porch.

  165. Kathleen says

    Love what you did …great inspiration!

    The projects are endless at my house but the CG would come in handy for a porch redo :)

  166. MJ says

    Our home is in desperate need of new landscaping! We pulled out some way overgrown, mostly dead bushes and need to replace them with something beautiful!

  167. says

    We could use some potted flowers and a fruit bush in front of our home. We rent a town home and there’s a big space where a bush used to be in front of our living room window. We can certainly spruce that up a bit.

    You did a great job, I love the red and teal!

  168. says

    Your house looks wonderful! My favorite idea was spray painting the terra cotta pots and fountains….I spray paint A LOT of things but never thought of a fountain….

    I would use the $100 gift certificate to paint my front door. It is still white from when we built our house. I also would buy some bark dust to freshen up my flower beds. In addition, I would buy a cute doormat and install some decorative metal brackets to put up some hanging flower baskets.

    It looks better in my mind already!

  169. Dawn says

    Oh my you have such an adorable house! I wished mine (townhome) looked as cute as yours. Maybe someday I will have enough of a house to be able to decorate with such charm and curb appeal.