Do It Yourself Home Decor!

There is nothing more satisfying than creating your own home decor.  Do it Yourself Home Decor projects are popping up all over the blog world and we love seeing DIY projects we can re-create.craft blog

My Sister’s Suitcase is an adorable blog with the cutest sisters.  I thought they looked familiar…..I am hoping I met them at SNAP, but if I didn’t, I know I at least saw them. I’m not in any of their SNAP photos though……….I’m not one of their blog crushes either……..and I’m not holding it against them.  I”ll forgive them.  This time.

DIY Projects

I do remember seeing this globe they did a while back.  LOVE IT!  I am smitten with all the different ways to decorate with a globe.  Creative, original and stylish.  They share a full tutorial on how they made this DIY project. diy home decor


DIY Home Decorating

I absolutely LOVE the accent wall above her fireplace.  Which goes without saying that I think adding the felt snowflakes during the holidays is pure genius. Stunning isn’t?  I bet your mind is burning now!

diy home decorating

And since you can’t use holiday themed decor right now…….here’s a peek at their spring mantel.  The burlap ribbon with the applied wording makes it perfect!  Sometimes you just gotta think outside the box.

diy home decor

I think one of my favorite projects they have done is this magnetic chalk board from a tuscany art piece. I am loving that the chalk board is grey and not black.  Very very cool.  And don’t you worry……….they also tell us how they did it.

diy home decor chalk board paint

I think you’ll enjoy their blog.  They’re cute, they’re talented and they share.  Psst……..don’t forget to tell them they’ve been featured.  Maybe next year they’ll want a photo with me. :)






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  1. Holly and Nat @ My Sister's Suitcase says

    Kim!! hahaha! We were dying when we read this…. of embarassment :) Sorry we never met up with you at SNAP… now that I am looking closer at your picture I think we sat by you in one of our classes, but we didn’t know it was you! If we had, trust me, we would have taken a picture with you and told you how much we enjoy your blog! So sorry!! HUGE THANKS for featuring our blog and saying such sweet things. You made our day! Next year, we are going to meet in person for sure :) Thanks again!