Birthdays – Planning a 13yr old Boy’s Birthday Party

After first posting about my son’s 13th Birthday here, I’ve had a few questions from readers. Birthdays can be so difficult to plan, let alone for older boys.

13th Birthdays

Planning 13th Birthdays is HARD! And even harder when you live where I live. Winter birthdays in the Pacific NW can be tricky!  Like many 13 yr old boys, he and his friends are into gaming. Video gaming.  They all play together either in our basement or online via the Xbox.  I love that he can play with his cousins in Utah whenever he wants.  The Game Truck was PERFECT to wrangle his friends for a couple of hours.  These trucks have 4 large screen TVs and all game systems and games any kid would want. The kids stay IN THE TRUCK for 2 hours.  That’s the part I love!  Who needs a dozen 13 yr olds running around your house?

Happy 13th birthday!

I HAD to make this party festive somehow. I had to promise that I wouldn’t decorate with streamers, banners, balloons, a fancy cake or cupcakes …….that didn’t leave too much wiggle room for party planning fun.  I found a few goodies on Etsy for Modern Warfare that suddenly made my son stand up straight! Let the theme planning begin!!!!  These invites were so cool, even the boys thought so.

Modern Warfare- Call of Duty Birthday Party

Birthdays - birthday party invitations |

We found this image of a grenade, that I guess they use for the screen grenade  I called my friend who could get me some t-shirts for a good price and decided to use my Simply Screen Silk Screen kit I received a few month ago.  I was able to knock out 16 t-shirts in 30 min.  I wasn’t sure if the boys would like them… you can imagine how thrilled I was when they all put them on.  Birthdays - call of duty birthday party |

I tried hard to make the table look like an after thought………because party tables are not cool when you’re 13.  I rolled each t-shirt, placed the modern warfare pin on it and tied with some twine.  The pins were also ordered off Etsy. There were a few sayings from the game like “no noobs”  “pwned” “game on”…….

Birthdays | 13 yr old boy birthday party |

Birthday Celebrations

I downloaded an image and made my own water bottle wrappers.  This not only looked cool, but it was a genius way to not serve soda.  As far as the cake, again…….I ordered an icing top off Etsy.   Etsy is my new BFF. I had the gal that makes my Thanksgiving pies, make his cake.  (because we all know I’m not going to make it)

I served Pizza and the Tyson Any’tizers.  Let’s just say they were gone in about 3 min.  After inhaling the food and since it wasn’t raining, they headed outside for a little basketball.

birthday party I had to practically threaten to not feed them anymore to get a few group shots.  As you can see…….it was like herding cats.

Apparently my son’s elbow is pretty tasty.

Birthdays - boy birthday party |

After holding a piece of pizza up, they gave me this shot.

Birthdays | Modern Warfare birthday party for boys |

The Game Truck

Thank goodness the Game Truck arrived and it was time for me to watch a movie and for them to be locked inside playing games for 2 hours.  (they really weren’t locked in, but I pretended they were)

Birthdays | Modern Warfare birthday party for boys |

And just so you know……13 yr olds don’t want a party table, but they do want their candles lit and to have their friends sing Happy Birthday.

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  1. T says

    Seriously, you are THE.COOLEST.MOM. EVER. This looks like an awesome party for a 13 year old and I bet his friends all think you’re the best. I’m having an Angry Birds bday party for Bunch (he’s turning 6 – how in the hello did that happen) NEXT SUNDAY and I have no favors, cake or much of anything else. Care to come take over?

  2. Jennifer says

    I think the party looks awesome! I bet your son had an amazing time, and his friends were probably all jealous. :)

  3. says

    This looks simply awesome!! I know that if game trucks ever make it over this side of the world, my almost 11 year old will want THAT and only THAT!! awesome!

  4. says

    Great party. I am filing this away and pinning it so I do not forget – my boy is 10 (going on 11) and we are so at this point…he would FLIP with a party like this.

  5. says

    What a party Kim! I bet he LOVED it! I love all the matching shirts. He will love looking back on all these pictures later on.

  6. Kerry says

    This is awesome! I just booked a video game trailer for my soon to be 13 year old boy and was browsing for ways to theme it up without going crazy! LOVE your ideas!!!! Thanks for sharing.