Details of a Room Makeover

I’ve had many many questions about the fast and fabulous room makeoverAaron Christensen (my famous designer artist old friend I taught hi-low aerobics with) and I threw this room together really quickly.  Aaron did most the work by building the desk and shelving at his studio. Once he showed up last Sunday morning, it was a whirlwind of activity.  I think we took these shots at 3pm.  Not bad. Truly, it’s the coolest boy bedroom ever!

decorating a boy bedroom

Bedroom Makeover

1. Hexagon Honeycomb shelving – Aaron will be doing a tutorial on how to make these! Of course he sounded like they were totally easy. Paint was matched to the bedding.

2. LUCAS- that’s actually a thin wood cut out of my son’s name.  I bought it off Pick Your Plum a few months ago.  We painted the same orange as the strip.

3. LUCAS Subway art– I think I got this one off Groopdealz.  It was crazy inexpensive.

4. That is Aaron’s art.  It’s sold in all the cool places because he’s famous……..remember?

5. Artificial Turf Bulletin Board– Aaron just whipped this up with his magic hands.  He’s also agreed to do a tutorial on this as well.

6. Bedding- It’s from Target.  About a year old. I bought the set on clearance for about $29.  SCORE! The original colors were really really bright and I didn’t think the grey went with the tan walls.  Aaron patted my head and told me not to worry……….that he had a plan.  He concocted his own blend of dye colors and dyed it.  Kind of like a tea stain.  It muted the colors enough to blend with the tan walls.  Perfection!

Here’s something similar.

Striped Comforter 

Similar Red & Gray Striped Bedding
Similar Orange/Brown/ Green Bedding
7. The chair is from IKEA.  $34. I used my silhouette to cut out my son’s soccer numbers. Aaron applied them because he knows I’m not a perfectionist and would probably make it a little crooked. :)

8. My beautiful son with dirty feet.  We had him running out to the garage all day grabbing supplies.  He hasn’t moved from this bed in one week.  He loves the room!

9.  9?  There is no nine..…….but I meant to do a 9.  Soccer balls.  I picked up foam soccer balls and mini soccer balls at Walmart. We stuck a hole in the foam ones, inserted a molly screw type thing with hot glue.  With the mini’s we used the air needle thingy………we tied black party string to the needle thingy’s and strung them up!


Keep up with what Aaron’s doing next by joining his Facebook page!

You can see all of Aaron’s Canvas Wall Art here.
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  1. says

    Loooove it!!! Love every. single. thing!
    I bought that same name cut out for my boys on pick your plum. I have a great idea for them…just have to find the other part of my idea. :)
    Love how you used it with the paint stripe–really pops!

  2. Shannon Fox says

    That is such a great room. Love the bright energetic colors. Looks perfect fora BOY =) My fav feature are those hex shelves. They are pretty cool looking 😉

  3. Tammie says

    Do you mean he actually dyed the color in the bedding? Did he do just the grayish, or all of it?

    • Kim says

      We actually dyed the bedding. The whole thing. Placed it in the bathtub…the gray doesn’t even look like the dye took, but then it toned down the bright stripes and turned the white stripe a creamy color.

  4. says

    I love this room!!!! I’m currently working on converting my son’s room to a tween room. This is an amazing inspiration!! I want those hexagon cubes!! I love the bedding and the shelves and the turf board! What boy wouldn’t love this room!! Great job!!

  5. says

    This is giving me so many ideas for my sons room…he is in that in between stage right now and ready for a room redo! Great colors and ideas.

  6. says

    I love this room. Every element looks like it was made just for it.
    It is a perfect room for a teen boy.