My Craft Room

I’ve been poking around trying to decorate this craft room for over a year. Nothing like a request from a magazine for photos to get me moving.  It’s still not quite how I want it, but it’s getting close.

Craft Room

I know how fortunate I am to have a craft space to create, to play, to scrapbook etc…I used to have my craft space in our office space downstairs and this room was my son’s play room. Now that he’s 13, he doesn’t need a play room, so I quickly took over. I have pieced it together bit by bit, buying very little new. I didn’t plan the colors, they just kind of unfolded with what I had on hand.

 Craft room |Today's Creative Blog

The tissue paper poms were sent to me for a past campaign, the rug was in my office downstairs, the paint and the table toppers were from campaigns, it’s pure luck they ended up being the exact color.  No planning on my part. Pure luck……I didn’t even know I would use them in the same room. The pink and green boxes had Silhouette product in them, but since they matched my room, I’m using them as storage. My Silhouette bag is also the perfect matching pink.  (I plan on painting the shelves I stole out of my son’s room)  You can see how I’m now organizing my Craft Paints.Craft Room |

Home Craft Room

This home craft room is full of things that make ME happy. The frames are all garage sale items I’ve collected over the years. I just painted them with the can of spray paint I won from Mandy’s Crafter Wars viewing party. (don’t bother looking for me in the photos……..I must have left before they took them) I used what I had to place inside the frames including a signed art piece from Ellen and my “Best Day Ever” that Tauni said I needed!  I love it. (it’s made by Landie)


Craft Room |

That big frame is actually cardboard……it was $5. Love it.  The antique looking frame was only $1, I stuck a wire photo holding thingamagig inside to hold my favorite photos.

painted frames wall decor

All storage items (except those cute green & pink boxes) are from IKEA.

storing craft supplies

The other side of the room shows my messy stenciled project and a gift wrapping center. I love having everything I need, ready to go whenever I need to wrap something. Because, let’s not fool anyone………most wrap jobs are done last minute and very quickly.

gift wrapping station

This east facing window brings in enough natural light for a comfortable feeling. I’m planning on a ripped fabric banner for a window treatment…….we’ll see how motivated I get. Inside the closets are my paper racks, shelving with baskets.  One side is clean, the other side is a disaster.

craft space for gift wrapping

This room only stays this clean for about 5 min. It’s meant to be cluttered. I’m thinking about having a messy craft space link up party sometime.  Keepin it real.

craft space photos

As I add more, I’ll post more. I thought I’d better share while it was clean.


I’d love your comments on my sponsored post yesterday.  There’s even a rare photo of me.

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  1. says

    A magazine photo shoot – how great! Love the wall color (I have something very similar in my living room) and the pop of color from the frames. I really need to start hitting up yard sales to find my own $1 fantastic frames.

  2. ScrapBazaar says

    I love your craftroom. I’d feel inspire in a place like this. Love the idea of a messy craftroom link party . My craftroom is so messy when i have a craft project in progress !

  3. says

    Great space, Kim! I’m jealous you get an entire room all to yourself! One day… 😉

    I’m particularly loving your mirrors and your desk! Beauty-ful.


  4. Tauni says

    It’s cute Kim! Though people are no longer going to believe that you’re not crafty, you know :)

    xoxo, Tauni

  5. Kimberly says

    Awesome room!! I especially love your frames, my favorite color!!! It all goes great together, especially for not planning the color scheme. :)

  6. says

    I love your table with the sides as shelves. Do you have a link as to how you made that? Or at least, what is the top? Thanks!

  7. Tausha says

    Love it Kim! I love that I can hear you talking while I read the post. I too believe that a happy craft room is a messy one! Have a happy weekend my friend!


  8. Stacy says

    I love your craft room!! I need some motivation to get my office/craft/sewing room organized, yours is beautiful!

  9. Staci Potter says

    Your space is so cute. Lots of great ideas. Thanks for sharing. I love the idea with the messy space link up. I would win for sure!!!

  10. says

    Oh my gosh, I simply love your crafting room, that is definitely a room one could be comfy in and have a mini get-a-way from it all time. Once you go in, it’s hard to leave I bet.

  11. Lori Allred says

    Kim you know I’m your BIGGEST fan (and I don’t mean that based on my personal size). I think you rock and I love your creative space. When I blogged about mine I shoved everything out in the hallway that didn’t look pretty so I could take clean pictures…so did you? Love you girl and love seeing your cute space!!

  12. Lori Allred says

    (I keep trying to leave a comment, but I keep getting an error I already said that…I know I’m getting old, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t.)

    Kim you know I’m your BIGGEST fan (and I don’t mean that based on my personal size). I think you rock and I love your creative space. When I blogged about mine I shoved everything out in the hallway that didn’t look pretty so I could take clean pictures…so did you? Love you girl and love seeing your cute space!!

  13. Jennifer ~ BellaGrey Designs says

    Kim ~ I love what you did with the space you have! I’m still dreaming about a “real” craft room of my own! Right now, I’m using our guest room as my craft room, so right in the middle of the room a big bed sits!! Sometimes a little awkward when doing photo shoots, but most of the time it works!! Thanks for sharing your space with us!! I love it!!

  14. says

    Supercool use of the space and color choices! Wish I could stay so organized.
    Two suggestions…
    -on the sloping ceiling, screw in hooks so you can hang things or screw in paper towel holders that can hold spools of anything
    -or frame up squares of hardware cloth (metal mesh) and screw them to the sloping ceiling with enough clearance so you can hang hooks from them
    I’ve learned to take advantage of any vertical space whenever possible. 😉

  15. says

    I love it Kim! It’s great getting a peek into your crafting space. It’s very beautiful! That’s one of the things I want to do is beautify my space more. Mine is in the basement surrounded by ugly block walls an laundry machines. So one of these days I’ll pretty it up :) somehow!