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DIY Decorating

Not everyone likes to “Do It Yourself” when it comes to decorating, but if you’re a flea market, bargain, thrifty decorator, then you LOVE it!  There is nothing better than finding an  item that you KNOW you can transform into something original to decorate your home.

Flea Market Trixie

Trixie has been a BIZ-ZAY girl.    She has a house full of wonderful ideas for the DIY decorator.  Once again, I find myself re-thinking my whole color scheme.  Writing this blog is bad for my decision making.  It’s like seeing something shiny……getting distracted from what I thought was going to be my plan.

BEFORE & AFTER Decorating

Her before and after shots of her DIY room remodels will leave you feeling very inspired.  The transformations are amazing in every room she’s done.  I think her best DIY room is the her kitchen!  I don’t think I’m brave enough to go with open cabinets.  Although it would be a great excuse to buy new dishes.  And that farm sink.  Sigh.

DIY KITCHEN  kitchen remodel diy kitchenbefore and after kitchen

Jealous?  I am.


These basket lamps are all the rage.  I call them naked lamps.  Her idea will have you racing to your local garden store, because this is just a planter.  Yep……..a planter.


She’ll show you on her site.  I’m not going to giveaway all her secrets.  You’ll have to visit her…..and while your there, leave a nice comment.  I LOVE seeing comments on my featured bloggers’ blogs.  I do, I do, I do!

I know you’re still gasping over the genius idea for the basket lamp shade, but look at that table.  Pretty huh?

basket lamp


She made that table!  MADE IT!  Using a lamp she MADE IT!  Who is this woman?  I’m not quite sure you can trust her.  But if she wanted to make ME a table, I’d let her. :)make a table


That’s it!  I throw in the towel.  Not only did she make a table out of a lamp, but she painted her flooring.   Heck, I’m lucky to mop my floors once a week, let alone design them.  I would love to see this in person.  stenciled floor


She also paints anything that’s not nailed down.  My kind of girl……..maybe trust will come.   Seriously, is there anything paint won’t fix?  These dressers are a dime a dozen on Craigs list.  And because she’s a bargain shopper, she picked his up for a song………and made it hers!  Love it.painting furnitureExcuse me while I go lay down………… you go.  Enjoy!







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  1. says

    Oh, wow! I know what you mean! I want to redo my kitchen now too! Since we have an open floor plan, that would also include redoing the den and the dining room. I’m not sure I could skip all of that past my husband. Thanks for introducing this awesome DIY’r to us! I’m off to scour her blog!

  2. Lynn from For Love or Funny says

    Holy smokes! I’ve got to go visit your featured blogger – she looks amazing!!!

  3. says

    I so needed this redo post. I am going to attempt to paint my panelling this week while I am on spring break. Love this look!!!

  4. Meg @ Revamp Homegoods says

    WHAT?!!! Why have I not known that you are from the PACNW? (Represent!) I’m right there with you. We need to chat sometime and see how close we are.