Cool Bedrooms for Teen Boys

Last month I was thrilled to become a part of the Lowe’s Creator Team.  I was even more thrilled to learn that April was a “Room Makeover” task and started looking for a few ideas for cool bedrooms.

Cool Bedrooms for Teen Boys |

My son’s bedroom needed a makeover in the worst way.  It had been in transition from little boy “explorer” room to teen for about 2 yrs.  As you can see, I didn’t even pick up for the before photo……..just keepin it real folks.


Cool Bedrooms for Teen BoysCool Bedrooms for Boys |TodaysCreativeBlog

Lowe’s gave me  full reign to go in and buy what I needed………..well not actually…….but they did supply the supplies needed.  I felt like I had full reign.

Bedroom Inspiration

Cool bedroom for teen boys | | Designed with help from Aaron Christensen

Because I wanted this to be FABULOUS and because I knew I’d be working on a tight schedule due to SNAP, I enlisted help from a dear friend of mine.  It helps to have dear friends who are much more talented than you. Friends who can actually take a vision to creation and have it work.  Not everyone has a friend who is a professional designer, but I swear to you, the ideas we came up with are all things YOU can do too.  aaron christensen children's room

Cool Bedrooms for Kids

Aaron Christensen is a FAMOUS ARTIST! He’s known for designing cool bedrooms for children. He’s also very humble and he’ll roll his eyes when he reads that, but I think  if your art is in Anthropology, Pottery Barn Kids, Land of Nod and more……YOU. ARE. FAMOUS!  And I know him………and I used to teach “aerobics” with him….I used to eat snicker bars cut up into “truffles” with him,…….and I got to spend the full day with him recreating my son’s room.  What a lovely day it was.  It was fun to stage the room with a “professional”!

Cool bedroom for teen boys | | Designed with help from Aaron Christensen

Room Makeover

Aaron built shelving, a head board and a desk using a bi-fold closet door.  Much less expensive than buying a new desk or lumber. The side table you see above was a closetmaid cube organizer.  And we used a LOT of Valspar paint samples.  Since we were short on time, he didn’t think we would need to paint the brownish walls to match the greyish bedding. (bedding is from Target a few years ago)  This is where I had to let go and trust him.  And SHO’Nuf, it all pulled together!

All room details are posted here.

The bulletin board was made from astro turf we found at Lowe’s. The man is a genius when it comes to designing a kids room.Cool bedroom for teen boys | | Designed with help from Aaron Christensen  Using a little spray paint for field lines added an original appeal to the room.  Just below the bulletin board is a hand made desk just big enough for my son’s laptop or school work. The room wasn’t big enough for a traditional desk, but this one made from bi-fold closet doors was the perfect size.

Cool bedroom for teen boys | | Designed with help from Aaron Christensen

It was Aaron’s idea to build the honeycomb hexagon shelving.

Cool bedroom for teen boys | | Designed with help from Aaron Christensen

He’s building a few of these for a client and thought he’d show off and whip out a few for Lucas’ room.  I LOVE THEM!  I think they add the perfect dimension and color to really pull the room together. You gotta think outside the box……no pun intended.

Here’s my little man below enjoying his new room.  He loves it.  I love it!  I’ll be sharing more details in the days to come.

Cool bedroom for teen boys | | Designed with help from Aaron Christensen

Thanks to Aaron, we have an amazing room and thanks to Lowe’s for providing all the materials needed.

You can see the ROOM DETAILS here.

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  1. J Plummer says

    I would makeover my 16 daughter’s room! After spending the weekend helping her clean and organize her room, she deserves the makeover! She donated 5 bags of clothes! I am so proud of the hard work she put in this weekend. If we win, it would be so much fun to work together to make a super-special room for her! Thanks for your blog of ideas!

  2. Melinda Meadows says

    Kim –

    This would come at at an amazing time for us! We are in the planning process of making our soon to be 10 year old daughter a garden bedroom. Colors have been picked for the walls and for her bed, armoire, and dresser. We still need some extra’s to bring the garden inside. My husband is in the Navy and we move so much that it’s really hard to have fun with your bedroom. She will tell you she lives in a room that size of a closet and believe me she’s not far off. Oh the sweet joys of living in military housing. That hundred dollar gift card plus our own garden money and she’ll have a room to enjoy for the next 2 1/2 years until it’s time to pack in up and back paint to white…SIGH

    Thank you so much


  3. Danielle M says

    Love the bedroom! And love Lowes! Would love to try to make those honeycomb wall shelves.

  4. Susan H says

    I love the hexagons! I want to go out right now and get some wood to make them. They would look so on my daughter’s rooms and my craft room. Wish I had a gift card to Lowes to buy the wood!

  5. lynn b says

    I am so jealous, could you please send Aaron my way! I am making over a playroom into two different rooms,currently working on the nursery so this lowed card would be used!

  6. Anne Marie says

    Love your son’s room – I would use the card to buy paint as I really need to paint my walls.

  7. ruth tacoma says

    Awesome room!!! I’d use a card either to do something for my own bedroom, or to get a new light fixture in my dining area. Even though we just got the current one 3 years ago….it’s just not ‘right’ after all.

  8. Colette peters says

    I would use $100 from lowe’s to offset the little “gotta-do” list as our house its for sale. Example: “gotta replace 2 sets of windows” and “gotta get a new hvac and a/c system”!

  9. Jan says

    How very cool! Love the ideas here. I would probably make some shelves or some other type of storage for my craft room.

  10. Robyn says

    I love this room! I’m going to save the idea for when I’m ready to do my boys’ shared room.
    I could use the gift card to finish my kitchen OR my girls’ room OR the kids’ bathroom–the 3 projects I’m attempting to tackle at the same time:)

  11. says

    My DH is always at Lowes picking up things we need. Your bedroom makeover is really spectacular! I love those honecomb storage units. Very cool. We bought a property not long ago and we are making improvements to it. So I’m sure the girt certificate would come in handy for all the upgrade projectsw e have in mind. Thanks for the chance!

  12. Vicki Smith says

    I would use the $100 card to buy paint for a guest bedroom that has been neglected too long and is in need of an update. I have the new accessories for the room but don’t want to use them until the room is painted.

  13. Stefanie says

    OMG that stuff is so neat!! I could use some of that organization for our girls BD!! Thanks for the offer!! I follow you on Pinterest and get your emails((:

  14. Vicki Smith says

    Please enter me for a chance to win the giveaway! I need paint for a guest bedroom sorely in need of a change!

  15. says

    Fantastic! What a great experience working with such a talented designer. We need details on the honey-comb shelves… love them! AJ@queenofmynest

  16. Deb says

    I signed up for the Lowes magazine. I would use the certificate to buy paint and crown molding for my bathroom.

  17. Marissa says

    I would use it to update my son and my daughter’s rooms. The shelving ideas are great!

  18. Charity says

    Just pinned the bedroom! I love it! We are getting ready to redo our family room so I would use the $100 for that.

  19. jenodbt says

    I’d love to create the astroturf board for my football loving son. I already get Lowes Creative Ideas :)

  20. Cynthia B. says

    Your son’s room is absolutely awesome! Glad he’s happy with it, too. Great job to you and your friend Aaron.
    If I were lucky enough to win a lowe’s gift card, I’d spend it on paint and lighting. We’re currently in the process of redoing several rooms in our home with hardwoods, paint, lighting, staining cabinets…
    The flooring will be here on a couple of weeks, and then we’ll make our final decisions on paint for three different rooms, so the gift card will definitely help out!

  21. Cynthia B. says

    We already get the Lowe’s print Creative Ideas for the Home issues at our home.
    It always has great ideas and colorful photos to help!

  22. says

    My very own Lucas is in love with this room. And since his poor room is so sad right now- it would be fun to recreate some of these fantastic ideas for him. :)

  23. EFY says

    $100 dollars at Lowe’s would be fantastic! We are in the middle of a kitchen remodel… nuff said. :) Blessings

  24. says

    What wouldn’t I use it for?? I’m in Lowe’s so often I feel like I’m single-handedly keeping them in business! I subscribed to the magazine.

  25. says

    Hey Kim – Lucas’ room looks GREAT – so colorful and very age appropriate. As usual you made it happen – well done! I’d love a $100 Lowes gift card – I need to make my new apartment OURs – tough to move from a house to an apartment – and I need to do some personal touches. $100 would come in handy.

  26. Valerie says

    LOVE this room. My son’s room has a sports theme and we actually have 2 Aaron Christensen canvas prints and coordinating night light!!! I would use the $100 Lowes card for materials to create that awesome astro turf bulletin board, and for other decorative accents to complete his room. He’s only 3, am I going overboard lol? I can’t help myself! Thanks for the chance to win. Going to sign up for the magazine and follow on pinterest now. – Val :)

  27. Kristen says

    I would use the $100 from Lowes to redo my daughters room. Right now it is the bare minimum & I’d love to add some more personality. Thank you for all the great ideas & this great opportunity.

  28. Jeanine F says

    Great makeover! We just moved in to our first home and our 11 year old twin boys finally have their own room. I would love to be able to do some creative things so they can finally show off their own individual personalities. :)

  29. says

    The room looks awesome, great job! I’d use the gift card for Valspar paint! I’ve got rooms in major need of spackle and paint! And maybe some of those recessed light conversion kits and pendant lights!

  30. Emily Shaw says

    What a fantastic room! We have had friends living with us for nearly a year and they are moving out this week. If we won the $100 I could finally update our basement with wainscoting and paint…or change our stairs to banisters…or retile our bathrooms since the laminate is coming up in the corners…or I could keep going…I have a whole Wish List!

  31. Stacy says

    I LOVE IT! I am desperate to make my boys rooms over. Where did you find the bedding I love the colors~

  32. says

    We already get the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine! Love it! My husband loves to look through it for ideas as much as I do.

  33. Devi @ Diddles & Dumplings says

    I would redo some of my bedroom & some of my 5 year old daughter’s bedroom!

  34. says

    Very cool bedroom makeover! If I would win the Lowe’s gift card, I would use it for one of two projects. Our master bedroom is in DIRE need of some organization, such as shelving and storage. The other possibility would be to update our front yard. We recently started pulling up some overgrown ivy in our landscaping, and would love to use a gift card to help us spruce up our curb appeal.

  35. Kim Stevens says

    Im also rediong my sons room and these ideas were so
    Inspirimg. My sons room us about the same size, so the desk
    Out of bifold doors us the perfect size!

  36. Betty Jo says

    I have 4 sons ages 10, 11, 13 and 14 and I would love to be able Bless them by fixing up both bedrooms that are shared. Right now both rooms are just so plain! Both room have a bunk bed, a dresser, a t.v. and bins for toys. I would love to brighten them up and personalize them with what the boys like! :) I Love My Sons and It would mean so very much to me to be able to Bless them with a cool room! I signed up for Lowes Creative ideas magazine.

  37. says

    WOW!!! I mean WOW! So many great ideas and inspiration! I need that bulletin board in my son’s room! This is not an entry…I just had to comment and let you know how much I love what you guys did! So talented!!

  38. Jenifer S says

    My kitchen hasn’t been painted since our house was built 12 years ago- the paint is sooo grungy! And the orangey-oak cabinets could definitely use a coat of paint as well.

  39. Angie C says

    I signed up for the emagazine! I would love to makeover our bathroom! Thanks for the chance to win!

  40. Steph @ Crafting in the Rain says

    Looks great! I love the colors and the stripes in there. So glad I got to meet you at SNAP, even if it was just in the airport at home :)
    I’d be using a gift card for the bathroom we’re remodeling soon (and I already get and love their magazine!)

  41. Sheila says

    I love this! My own son is turning 14 next month and I would love to give his room a face lift as a birthday surprise – a Lowe’s giftcard would certainly help to make that happen!

  42. Marne Clark says

    I already get the Lowe’s magazine, and I look forward to each issue. If I won the giveaway, I would use it to help spruce up the side of my house. We have been wanting to put in a stone walkway.


  43. says

    Kim this is FABULOUS!! how lucky you are to have a friend like Aaron to help you! I want to do Allison’s room and don’t even know where to begin!

  44. jengd says

    I might give a try to that fabulous multi-colored wooden entry mat that was in the Creative Ideas book.

  45. Jamie Harrison says

    I love it! Great job!! If I win the gift card I would use it to make over my own room!

  46. Dawn D. says

    I love what you did with your son’s room! I have 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls. They each share rooms. I would love to take to boys room, the smallest room, and get it organized and set for their teenage years. I saw this amazing desk made from bookshelf and a table… Perfect for a small room.

  47. Mami2jcn says

    I would use the gift card to spruce up my family room. It could use new lighting and paint.

  48. Sarah says

    I would paint our living room and bedroom. I am so sick of the boring tan colors. We need are so in need of some color on our walls in our house!

  49. Stacey says

    I would use it towards my daughters bedroom makeover. She turned 13 and I think she’s ready to move on from the flowers and clouds from 6 yrs ago.

  50. Michele N says

    I would use a gift card to probably redo one of my kids’ rooms. They are both in dire need of some style updates. I love some of these ideas for a teen boy bedroom & I think I need to watch for the details.

  51. Robin says

    My little boy doesn’t like his “football” room. It is actually vintage Chicago Cubs Baseball, but he has no interest in sports. I want to redo his room in a vintage Star Wars theme, since that seems to make him happy. Need a great paint and some shelves to pull it together. Found the quilt at Target on the clearance for $20.

  52. Amy says

    I appreciate this opportunity! I would use the $100 for my husband to build us a headboard for our bed! He’s been wanting to build one for about 10 years, but it’s been on the bottom of our priorities list! It would be a great anniversary gift!

  53. Caitlynne says

    His new room looks awesome! I would love to make over our little boy’s room. He just turned one and I think it’s time to have less of a nursery and more space to play!

  54. says

    I could do so much! My husband and I just moved into our first house. We could use it to paint all the rooms (they are white right now). I want to build some shelves for our laundry room and bathroom. The light fixtures could be updated. We are thinking about building a mantle over the fireplace. The options are endless!

  55. says

    I would love to add some finishing touches to my two girls rooms that we painted and rearranged last month. It is all in the details. Thanks and I love the honeycomb boxes!

  56. says

    I’d use the gift card to help converting the garage of our new home (closing May 18th) into a crafting/sewing/quilting/guest room! Thank you for a chance to win!

  57. Roseann says

    I’d buy paint – and plenty of it. I have some good basic ‘bones’ but they need to be jazzed up, both walls and furniture. I even need to redo the bathroom cabinets.

  58. Alicia says

    Very creative room!! Love it! I have a bathroom remodeling project coming up, so I would use a $100 Lowes gift card for that.

  59. says

    WOW!!! that is one amazing room!! I love all the orange in there :) There is one space in our house that is still builder’s white and that is the master bedroom. It is a sad place to be. Isn’t that always the case when you have a kid? there room gets all the attention and so does the rest of the house but when it comes to your own space, it gets put on the back burner.

  60. TWILA says

    I would buy some decor for our new bathroom or some outdoor planters and plants for in them!

  61. Lisa says

    I would use the gift card to redo my dining room which is sad shape. I love your boy’s room! Gives me lots of great ideas for future projects. Thanks for sharing!

  62. Mitzi Peterson says

    We just bought our first home so I would use it to make up our children’s rooms. Your son’s room looks great! I joined the magazine too.

  63. Ryann Jarrard says

    I’d use the Lowe’s gift card to update our playroom – right now its pretty blah and boring and not fun and entertaining like a play room should be!

  64. Amanda Sakovitz says

    My boyfriend and I are getting our first place this summer so this could be used to paint and also to get some rugs. Thank you!

  65. Marianne Tighe says

    I could decorate my home with the finishing touches that never get done. Bring in the bling to our home with Loews products that we see all of the time on the Nate show.

  66. Michell says

    Love our room makeover…HELP a wheely girl …ideas needed. I have a daughter who just turned 20. She has cerebral palsy and in a wheelchair. Trying to come up with ideas and creating a more grown up look for her and to work around things that will make her room accessible is a huge challenge for me…wonder if you could help us out…suggestions…I can’t seem to bet it to look beautiful for her

  67. jenni says

    WOW! that rooms looks amazing! i would love a chance to do something similar to my son’s room! you guys did an amazing job!!!

  68. lynaeve says

    I would use the card to get some sort of storage for my sewing area. I have a small area (only a desk) in my dining room that luckily has a fold out part that I can keep out for more room. Something I can put on my wall would be awesome.

  69. Vicki Higgins says

    WOW!!! Am LOVING the boy’s room makeover. Would absolutely use the gift card for the same thing!! Grandson needs his space at his dad’s personalized – you’ve given me SO many great ideas! Thanks again, GigiV

  70. Maddie Davis says

    Love the room, think those shelves maybe a good fit in my son’s room and I already get the magazine.

  71. Andrea D. says

    I would love to pick out some containers for my kids rooms. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  72. says

    Where to begin!
    I’m fascinated with all the new paints like whiteboard and chalkboard and really love to paint anything, bonus if I can Modge Podge the creative project as well! Love the metallic spray paints, too!

  73. Pam Hull says

    Those shelves are so cute and would work in my laundry room redo. How about a tutorial on how to make them??!! That and paint is what I would use the Lowe’s card on. TY

  74. Leanna Borland says

    I would love to start redoing the kitchen by painting the cupboards and walls and getting new hardware for the cabinets.

  75. Sheila Laurence says

    I would use it for all the things my husband says we need for spring! He’s already spent several hundred there, and it’s blowing my budget. At some point, I need to realize that spring comes around as regularly as Christmas, and I need to start planning for it.

  76. says

    Such an awesome room makeover, that must be a very happy boy indeed! My guest bedroom/ office is in such a need of a makeover, I usually leave the door shut so that no one coming to visit might see it, it’s that bad. Thanks for the giveaway.

  77. says

    The next project on our list is painting the outdated brick fireplace in our family room that takes up an entire wall. Also, redoing our small 3rd bath on the lower level. The sink & toilet need to be replaced, the floor needs to be redone and the wallpaper (shiny opalescent seashells) needs to go bye-bye, plus repaint the dark wood trim. Thanks for the chance to win!

  78. says

    I am trying to spruce up my dining area. I could really use the hundred bucks to buy supplies to redo my new table! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  79. Carol Sandretto-Unsinger says

    I’m wanting to make some changes to our front porch and general curb appeal. We have a wood deck on our porch and it needs either paint or stain, and the porch light & door hardware need some updating as well. I’d LOVE to paint our oak double doors a barn red color to update and brighten the area… Then there is a planting bed area that I’d like to make larger and add some new plants. I’ve already updated our mailbox, so cleaning up around it and adding some deer resistant plants would be great, too!

  80. Valery says

    Our bathroom is in desperate need of a revamp- poor thing is just wearing and tearing at the edges.

    And I love the new look! Especially the hexagonal shelving and the color tie-in.

  81. Lisa says

    I totally love this boy’s room! I have been struggling on how to do our boys room and wanted a sports theme. If I had $100 in Lowes Gift Card I would definitely copy the Astro Turf bulletin board..and I love the name “Lucas” on the top followed by the line border!!! And of course the hexagon shelving!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  82. Jenn says

    I would use the giftcard to buy a new ceiling fan for our spare bedroom and some new paint.

  83. Aimee Jongejan says

    Wow! What an awesome room! Sooo many great ideas! I’d use the $100 to organize my garage which also serves as my storage/craft/school space. So…yeah…needs A LOT of help!

  84. kellie fuhrman says

    I am about to tackle my boys – ‘big boy room’ no more cribs! YIKES!
    Lowes would come in very handy, and I love the inspiration your sons room has given me!

  85. Renee Madrid says

    I love what you did with your son’s room, my son is about to turn 13 and it’s time for a makeover for sure! Thx for the ideas :)

  86. Sue Groff says

    I joined you on Pinterest and love all your ideas. I would love to win a gift card from Lowe’s as I’ll be helping to redue our Granddaughter’s room very soon. Love your son’s new room design

  87. Julie {Angry Julie Monday} says

    Seriously, I love it Kim. It is perfect for his age. I love all the details. The colors are very similar to my son’s room.

  88. Carriebeth says

    Our backyard needs something….bad. I want a patio with some plants. Need inexpensive and easy to maintain ideas and projects. Looking forward to the mag. helping inspire me to a cool patio! :)

  89. Lisa Milligan says

    This is a great room! I especially love the hexagon shelving and bulletin board! I need just those ideas to finish my sons room! Thanks!

  90. says

    First, I LOVE THIS ROOM! Are you sure the two of you don’t want to relocate to Tampa and be my famous friends? 😉

    My favorite parts are the shelves, the bulletin board, the numbers on the chair — awesome! And I do not see how any of that was once a bifold door!

    Next, what would I do with $100 Lowe’s gift card? Yesterday I would have said spent it on our empty family room and re-grout the master bath. But now, totally try and copy the bulletin board and shelves for my son’s room and make a mini-desk like that for our office space!

    PS I already get the magazine and am over 18. :)

  91. Laurie S. says

    I’d buy outdoor deck and garden working stuff. Thanks Lowe’s for a great giveaway!

  92. Cindi says

    Our oldest son is closing on his first home this week…
    What a wonderful surprise gift a Lowe’s Gift Card would make
    for him!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  93. Cindi says

    I am already receiving the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine
    and absolutely love it!
    Again, many thanks to you…

  94. charlotte says

    i have a ‘sitting room’ i’m turning into a closet and i need lots and i mean lots :) of things from lowes!!

  95. Robyn Larson says

    We have a partially finished basement that could use some finishing. I’d love to create an exploration center for my young kiddos. :)

  96. Valerie says

    I would use the gift card to build some shelves in my hall closet. It is the scary kind of closet, the kind you open the door and things come flying at you and you just pray no one mistakes the door for your bathroom and accidentally opens it. True skeletons people…I need some shelves, Please help me Lowe’s and TCB!!


  97. Karin says

    Would love to get new faucets for my home and get rid of the builder ones. I also would love to get some moulding and to extend the moulding around my windows for some drama.

  98. Erin Wiley says

    Well… in overachiever mode… first, I will finish my son’s room. I’m repainting it and building him a headboard. Next on the list is my bedroom coset, which desperately needs a makeover!

  99. Connie Haack says

    I love your room!! I need to start on my Kitchen makeover. I want gioni granite on my counters, painted white cupboards and new backsplash. That is our next project!

  100. Rebecca says

    I love what you’ve done with your son’s room! If I had a $100 Lowe’s gift card, I think I would do the same thing. I think it would be so much easier for my whirlwind son to keep hexagon bookshelves neat and organized…more so than his tall, boxy, deep book shelf.

  101. Deana says

    With a $100 Lowes card, we could use it to finish up our daughters unfinished bathroom!

  102. Millie says

    I would get paint and cool shelves. My boys have Legos, baseball cards and more that need to get off the ground and out of boxes!

  103. Rebecca says

    Love the room. Where did you find the beding? Perfect colors.

    Id use the gift card towards updating the house we just bought.

  104. says

    The gift card will be used to purchase bead board wallpaper for my master bedroom remodel.

    I already receive the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine. I also follow you on Pinterest already. I’ll go ahead and tweet out the tweet …



  105. Melinda says

    We’re in the process of moving my boys into the same room, so we would definitely use the gift card for redecorating :)

  106. Tina Guimond says

    I love how the room turned out! We are buying our first house now that my husband is retiring from the Navy!! If I won the gift card from Lowes, I would definetly use it to decorate our 5 kid’s bedrooms. I’ve gotten some many ideas from you.

  107. says

    I would use it to buy some fresh paint for the walls of several rooms in my house.

    I’m signed up for the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine as well.

  108. Tami Pullins says

    The room looks great! I especially love the hexagon shelving. If I were so lucky to win the Lowes card, I would use it to by fund a planer for my dear husband for father’s day so he can get all his projects done!

  109. says

    I would use the gift card to purchase paint for my guest room. Trying to make it pretty for my in-laws coming to visit next month :)

  110. Meghan says

    I would use the $100 giftcard to finally purchase a living room rug!! That’s all I need to start off this room’s redesign.

  111. christina youmans says

    For Christmas I redecorated my daughter’s bedroom. My son would love to have his room decorated as well so that’s what I would use the gift card at Lowe’s for.

  112. Jen says

    My poor son is in the same boat. He is stuck in a kiddie room while I try to make time/ money to give him an updated look he deserves. I love this look you created and would love to do something similar and this gift card would help give me a great start.

  113. Nicole W says

    Hi. I LOVE this bedroom! Tons of great storage ideas for boys! I would like to work on some storage for my mothers upstairs.

  114. Teri Morrison says

    I would change out the light fixture in my bathroom and add some hooks for my boys to hang their towels!

  115. says

    I’m in desperate need of a guest room makeover. It’s been volleyed back and forth from a bedroom, office, playroom and storage closet. I’m looking forward to whipping it into a comfortable room for guests and maybe somewhere to go and read quietly when guests aren’t around. =)

  116. Raj M says

    With so much to do in a 800 Sq foot home….I have so many ideas!! With the gift card I’d like to design some new storage ideas for my children’s books!

  117. Vivienne @ The V Spot says

    I love how this turned out and I bet Lucas is thrilled with it! My favorite element is the hexagon wall storage. Genius!

  118. Edie S says

    I would use the money to help redo my daughter’s room. She is about to become a big sister, and we need to get the space ready to share! :)

  119. Kari says

    I am just starting to redo furniture for my home, being a newly we’d the nesting kicked in, but we are lacking anything beyond basic tools. I’d build up our collection and get an electric drill and maybe a few other necessities.


  120. Sabrina says

    I love redoing my house over and over. I’m now working on my dining room and would love to buy Valspar paint with the gift card!!! My favorite paint! Thank you!

  121. Sabrina says

    Just tweeted, followed you on Pinterest, and am already a part of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas…. :) Thanks

  122. Ashley says

    I have so many projects I could use this on. Just had a baby and can finally spray paint again. Time to start building things!

  123. Katie says

    We’re expecting our second child in September and we could certainly use a Lowe’s gift card to help expand the space in our home to make room for our new little one.

  124. Missy Ann Roberts says

    wow great ideas!!

    This is perfect timing as i will be redoing my daughters room while she is an exchange student in Germany…

    thanks for the fun ideas and an opportunity to win.


  125. Ashley H says

    I would use the gift card to buy things to help me to be more organized in my bedroom.

  126. fawn strunk says

    I would finish my bedroom that is still hanging in the air to complete.

  127. Kathryn Bodrero says

    I would buy some lumber, harware and paint to make some floating shelves to go above windows in my little boys room.

  128. Lynn says

    Oh what we could do with $100 at my husbands favorite store. My girls love Lowes build and grow, so many fun projects for them to do.

  129. says

    Very cool! So needing to redo our boys room as well …. gotta ask how you got on that team?! Wow!!

  130. Elaine says

    My 4 year old and 6 month old boys share a bedroom. Their room needs a MAJOR makeover to organize all of their toys!

  131. says

    What an amazing bedroom! Simple, yet striking and so perfect for boys. I have twin boys and am constantly looking for ideas for their shared bedroom. I would use the gift card for new paint for their room, and new storage! I love the bulletin board. I would love to make one for each boy and personalize it.
    Thanks for the great ideas!

  132. Candy says

    Hubby said he would make me shelves for my scrap area… but the raw material cost were too high. This Lowes card (thank you Lowes) is just perfect! thanks for thinking of us.

  133. Livivua Chandler says

    I would paint my daughters room and buy her a toy organization storage.

  134. jen smith says

    i have a whole list of projects i could use it for. a new kitchen faucet, batten board for the living room, paint for my daughter’s room, plants for outside. i could go on and on!

  135. jenni says

    we just moved from our 25 room house to an 8-room cottage. there’s so much to be done here and i would love to find paint and lights and so many other things. thanks for the chance to win.

  136. Elizabeth H says

    I love the room! If lucky enough to win , I would use the money for paint and some wood. I love the hexagon shelves.

  137. says

    Wow! What a generous giveaway! I would probably give my gift card to my hubby- he’s just getting into gardening and this would help him get what he needs. Thanks for the opportunity!

  138. says

    Holy Moly!! I LOVE it all. You are super luck to be able to work with someone so amazingly talented. Then to top it all off, money to LOWES!! JEALOUS!!! I have three boys and only one of them have a room that is for the most part completed. I would LOVE to have that $100 gift card to get started on the other 2 boy’s rooms. I’m crossing my fingers and toes!!
    Thanks for sharing. I’m pinning it right now :)

  139. sabrina says

    I am following you on Pinterest. I would use the gift card to buy paint to repurpose an old dresser.

  140. sabrina says

    subscribed to Lowe’s. And now I’d use the gift card to make that adorable colorful wooden door mat!

  141. says

    Your son’s new bedroom ROCKS! I’m sure he loves it and will continue to enjoy it’s awesomeness for years to come. If I won a $100 Lowe’s Card, I would redo my home office. This is the one room in the house that I’ve brainstormed soooo many neat ideas for and would love to see them come to life! I do lots of graphic design and would love to have my office reflect my colorful, fun, contemporary style.

  142. says

    I am in the throes of creating storage for my little (500 sq ft) cottage, and $100 Lowe’s gift card would finish things up nicely – shelves for kitchen, rugs for bathroom and some lovely finishing touches! LOVE the boy’s room – you may never see your kid again, he will be in his room all the time! Oh. Wait. That may be a GOOD thing! :)

  143. Mirinda says

    The room is awesome! We are moving in 4 weeks and for the first time my boys get their own room- so I’d use it for new stuff, for each of them.

  144. Kim Schadrack says

    I am now following you. I would use the gift card for gardening supplies…just put in a memory garden in memory of my parents.

  145. Pam Quackenbush says

    I have no idea how I would spend a $100 gift card to Lowe’s. I think I might look into buying a new sink for my husband’s bathroom, the sink is tiny with an itty bitty faucet that trickles water… he deserves better!
    We are lucky enough to have 2 full baths upstairs and he gave me the larger one, even though the smaller one is pink. That’s what I’d do with the GC!
    Thanx for offering it!
    Pam Q.

  146. says

    Woo hoo! I would buy a raised bed kit for strawberries! A long-time dream :)
    Great job on the room! Subscribed to Lowe’s too! Love Lowe’s!

  147. Johanna says

    This is a wonderful give-a-way! I L-O-V-E Lowes and I have been crafting like crazy lately and your site really gets those creative juices flowing! Thanks for this opportunity!

  148. christina lewis says

    I am will be 5 months pregnant on Wednesday and I JUST found out yesterday that I am having a boy! I already have a precious little girl and a house FULL of PINK so I’m going to need to do some serious working these next few months on my lil man’s NEW room and this giftcard would REALLY help out a ton with the construction of his new domain!

    Fingers Crossed!

  149. becca says

    I would totally revamp my girls’ room to make it more storage and hang out friendly! I love lowes!

  150. Christina says

    I would love to paint my 16 year old son’s room. I’ve painted the girls’ room but never his and he wants his done next, before mine!!

  151. Leslie Jorgensen says

    I love the bedroom makeover! My son has that same comforter and I would use the gift card to finish his room. I love those shelves, they are awesome!

  152. says

    WoW! My Son would SOOOO Love this! If I won the $100 Lowe’s giftcard I would want to work it into a room makeover for his space! Fantastic!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  153. says

    I would use it to finish our walkway. We have been slowly buying the blocks we need over time and it would be nice to go ahead and do it.

  154. Nicole W. says

    I am following you on Pinterest, and I am already getting so many ideas!!

  155. maureen mcgraw says

    Very creative ideas used in the bedroom do over. All well co ordinated especi8ally the color scheme.

    I recently retired. I would use the Lowe’s Gift Card toward redoing my bedroom. I now have the time to do a major renoivation of the room and up date windows, carpet and walls. The house is 65 years old and has never been updated. Already purchased a celing fan but won’t install until I have finished painting etc. I am a singlefemale and am doing the work myself. Lowe’s home improvement classes have been VERY helpful. I did finish redoing my bathroom last year. I Installed waisncoting. molding, carpet, new celing fixture and new cabinets. Retired and learning all new skills.

  156. Christina says

    What WOULDN’T I use a Lowe’s giftcard for?! My fiance needs a new toolbox, the whole house needs new paint, I want new towel rods and shower rods – it would help towards lots of different projects!

  157. syanik says

    We have soo many projects going right now… hmm what to use it towards – either the garden or the transformation of my 4 years rather plain room into a super hero room :)

  158. says

    What room in this house doesn’t need a makeover!? It’s hard to pick. I would have to go with my son’s room. It has bright red carpeting from the 70’s, that is impossible to vacuum. The ceiling is too far down, and not built well. The walls are fake wood paneling, and un-sticking from the walls. There is no closet, and no door! It really is an eye sore.

  159. Susannah Hannan says

    I would use it to makeover the room that my 4 year old little boy and 2.5 year old little girl share. I just repainted the walls and ordered them a new bunk bed set. Now I am on a mission to revamp their whole room. We live in a very loved little farm house that was built in 1913 but the rooms are very small with tiny little closets. Wish me luck!;)

  160. Kelly T. says

    I would use it to redo MY sons bedroom, he’s been asking for awhile now!

  161. says

    I promised my daughter that we’d re-decorate her room when she starts Kindergarten in the fall. You know, cause she’s such a BIG girl now and all. 😉 I’d use the gift card to buy some paint, new window treatments, some stuff for her closet… Thanks for the chance!

  162. Annie O'Brien says

    These are some fantastic ideas! I would use the gift card to makeover my son’s bedroom which is more the size of a large closet. These ideas – especially the bi-fold narrow desk – will really help. Thanks!

  163. says

    I would use the money to paint my bedroom and maybe the bathroom. My bedroom has had various color squares painted on the since before my daughter was born (when I was preggo and indecisive)…she is now almost 3! I think it’s time to paint 😉

  164. Colette says

    I’ m currently doing my sons room and would love some extra money to do so.

  165. says

    I love this room makeover! It is hard to find inspiration out there for boys teen rooms. I would love it if you could come share at my link party! Have a wonderful day!

  166. Joan Nissley says

    I would use a $100 Lowes Gift Card to update my master bathroom. Besides a new coat of paint we really, REALLY want to rid the room of the out-dated gold fixtures (shower head, faucets, towel bars, etc.). We want to replace them with dark bronze fixtures to give the room a more spa like feel. But first, our goal is to save the money so that we can pay cash for the project!

  167. Tausha says

    This room looks fantastic! I love all the simple ideas that you and your designer friend brought in. He can do amazing things with a bi-fold door. Love the astro turf bulletin board. Boys rooms are hard to decorate, you made it look easy! Great job!
    Thanks for all the inspiration!

  168. Dharma says

    I need an Aaron! OK, maybe just to eat truffles with :) I am going to be tackling my soon-to-be 16 y/o
    boy’s room. Lots of de-boyifying. Love to win. Over here from 36th Ave.

  169. audrea says

    I love the turf board. what did you use as a base?

    I am following you on Pinterest.
    I signed up for lowes.
    I would use the Lowes for plants for the garden or a board and shelves for my son’s room.

  170. says

    I read this and finally got my arse in gear. Bedding for the boy ordered & recieved this week!…we went to get furniture (the boy used to have unfinished furniture that we painted for the girl and then repainted for him- CRINGE NOW)…so the dresser is complete….desk is assembled…moms gonna play with gal pals tomorrow so Sunday IU’ll go in and start getting ti together…thanks for inspiring, it almost looks liek this but different theme since my boy is only 7… am gonna go to Lowe’s for non-tradional items (meal tiles) to use on walls…and for his lighting so I need that card!

  171. JulieB says

    Love this room!! where did you get the bedding? I have 3 kids bedrooms to make over – the lowe’s card would help me get started!

  172. Amanda Moutos says

    I would use the GC to buy some of the things on our HUGE to-do list, like new blinds, crown molding, and so much more!!!