Halloween Mantel Ideas

I don’t get too excited about decorating my mantel.  I was looking for Halloween mantel ideas that were short…… I was pretty happy with using my Halloween Spooky Terrariums and adding other spooky items. But my mantel never has that grand and beautiful look.  I have to keep my decor somewhat short………I’ll explain later. Halloween Decoration

So I tend to do a long row of decor to bring in a bit of personality.

Decorating for Halloween

I picked up a few supplies at my local dollar store to add to my terrariums.  To spook it up a bit.

Halloween Mantel

I can’t get enough white or green pumpkins this time of year.

Sliding door to hide TV

You may be wondering why that wall is bare……..looks a bit out of place for a girl who likes to decorate.  Do you remember back a few months when I threw a fit over my husband wanting a TV over the fireplace?  And I told him he could….. ONLY if he would make my shutters slide, so I could cover it up when I wanted.

Hiding your TV

So….. That’s why that wall is bare.  Now I’m looking for another small cabinet to go on the right side of the fireplace.   And that is why my mantel decor needs to be short.  It can’t get in the way of TV watching or in the way of a sliding shutter. (first world problems)







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    I finally pulled out what little bit of Halloween decor I own and decorated my mantel. My children were so excited.Today we will be doing something with our porch.

    I like how your mantel looks. Cleaver way to hide the TV.