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Attending Creative Estates, I met the darling Lara.  I had been told many times in the past few months that I should feature her.  Just looking at her, you know she’s Creative! She oozes creativity.

Less Cake {MORE Frosting}

Meg (brassy apple) Lara & Ashley (topsy turvy)

Lara is full of creative energy.  You can almost hear a buzz when you’re near her.   Normal people would just buy the notebook and think they were being creative by choose the pink one……….but not Lara, she had to make it “her”!  Cute huh?

Creative Living

I am diggin the boy bedroom make over.  I am thinking about stealing a few of these ideas for my boy.  Amazing what a little paint can do.  My poor boys room needs a makeover badly.  We bought new bedding a bit ago, but still need to update the walls and decor.  Not that he would probably care or notice……he’s 12.

boy bedroom ideasShe has a tutorial on her site for this Surfer dude wall art.  Looks pretty professional doesn’t it?  This proves you CAN have a cool room for half the cost. DIY boys room

We wouldn’t expect her to have an ordinary refrigerator with ordinary stuff on it.  She’s created her own command center.  A place to keep the household running smooth.  I need one of these too, but I think you have to use it for it to work.  :)family schedule

I really like how easy it is to find stuff on her site.  I found a few fun things……..all eatable.  I must be hungry.

Flavored Popcorn. She’s got a few recipes for different popcorn flavors.  Who doesn’t love popcorn?  flavored popcorn recipe

She even went all out and made cute bags for a school project.   (super mom……..yes another LDS mom)  :)

Don’t you love those printable candy bar wrappers?  She’s got a darling one on her site.printable candy bar wrapper She even has a graphic design site where you can order the cutest invites, cards etc…  I hope I remember her next Dec.

I saw this recipe and thought it would be perfect for Couples Bunco.  They turned out pretty good, except I sprayed Pam on my pan first, and I probably shouldn’t have.

appetizer recipes

I hope you’ll drop by Less Cake More Frosting and shower her with wonderful comments!  She’ll be THRILLED and so will I.  Let’s show her the power of TCB and make this the BEST DAY OF HER LIFE!  (said tongue in cheek of course)



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  1. says

    What???? I’ve spent a weekend off the computer….and I miss the best day of my life? What the?

    What an awesome feature, Miss Kim. I love those pics that you’ve dug up. Sometimes I forget about those things. And how much I adored them and still do.

    The Sausage Stars are YUMMY and one of our very favorites, for sure.

    Thank you so much for ending my weekend on a marvelous note! Really. This was super exciting for me!

  2. says

    Lara my dear roomie! She has the most fabulous style and is full of laughs! Great feature, I had not seen some of those before even though I am a lcmf stalker.

  3. Sara @ Mom Endeavors says

    What a GREAT feature! I had the privilege of sitting with Lara at the AZ Girls Night Out! Love her!! So fun that she had the “best day of her life”! :)

  4. susan evin says

    Tried,but still no g-acct. Hope she reads these cuz she*is* great! Good features as always Kim! -s-