5 Dip Recipes

These sisters are adorable! There are 6 of them!  Let the craft wars begin! They can craft, cook, sew…….make dip……which I’ll be sharing a few dip recipes  with you today!  Starting out, they used their blog to share with each other and like so many blogs, it grew to an audience that wasn’t just family. Although I have a feeling they have a pretty big family.  They are from Utah after all. :) You can tell their sisters……..they all part their hair on the same side.  That’s proof right?

Six Sisters’ Stuff

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They have all kinds of crafty crafts, but I got sucked into a few of their recipes.  Mainly dips! Dips are so perfect for summer time, whether it’s for a bbq, a lite dinner, or a fun kid lunch………I think you’ll love these dips and so will your family.

Dips for Fruit

Usually when I think of dip, I think of veggie dip or potato chip dip, but what I found were several sweet dips or dips for dipping fruit. What a great way to get kids to eat more fruit. Of course the one that caught my eye first was their Cookie Dough Dip.

Cookie Dough Dip-

They have the recipe on their site for this delicious Cookie Dough Dip.  Honestly, I could just eat it with a spoon……..forget the dipping.

dip recipes

Fruit Dip

This one is probably healthier because I’d probably use fruit to dip. Progress………

recipes for dip

Orange Creamsicle Fruit Dip

Did someone say creamsicle? These sisters know how to get my attention.

recipes for dip

Peanut Butter Yogurt Dip

I actually used to make something similar to this for my son when he was little. This is the perfect dip for apples……….just sayin.

recipes for dip

Spinach Dip

We all know you can’t taste the spinach and we all love this dip. At least it’s a vegetable right? It’s so easy to make.  I need to remember that, rather than buying it at the deli.  Now I’m starving!

recipes for dipThese girls are busy.  These girls have a lot of great stuff on their site.  These girls will have you trying their crafts, their recipes and more.  You know what you’re supposed to do now…….head on over.

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    Perfect, I was looking for a fruit dip today… They must have had the biggest bathroom in town to accommodate 6 girls. :) What a fun thing to do together.