How to Make Glitter & Painted Glass Ornaments

The countdown to Christmas has begun! This certainly isn’t an original idea, but I had never tried this, although I’d been admiring them for a few years. They couldn’t possibly be as easy as everyone says.

How to Make Glitter & Painted Glass Ornaments

How to make glitter & painted glass ornaments |

Well, guess what? They ARE easy! SO easy! I’ll be showing everyone how fun and easy these are on my monthly segment on AMNW. I think Helen the host will love these! If you’re visiting from AMNW, WELCOME! Sign up here to receive an email notice whenever I post. I love finding fast and easy ways to decorate my home for the holidays, like my glittered poinsettias.

I love that you can create a custom color theme for your home whenever you need to. These are also a great project for older kids.

How to make glitter & painted glass ornaments |

What you’ll need:

Glittered Glass Ornaments

  • Clear glass ornaments – I found mine at Michaels.
  • Glitter
  • Pledge floor polish OR Glitter It (both work great, but the pledge is less expensive)
  • Small dixie cup (for drying)
  • Paper towels

Painted Glass Ornaments

  • Clear glass ornaments
  • Acrylic paint – I like the cheaper brands for this. Also any with a thinner consistency works better for me. Metallic paints work great. The glitter paints dried with an opaque look.
  • Small dixie cup – to set the ornament in while it drains and dries.
  • Paper Towels


How to Make Glittered Glass Ornaments


How to Make Glittered Glass Ornaments |

1. Take the ornament hanger off before. Pour a small amount into the glass ornament. Swirl around making sure to wet the entire inside. Pour the remaining liquid back into your Pledge bottle.

How to Make Glittered Glass Ornaments |

2. Sprinkle and pour a generous amount of glitter inside your glass ornament. You may want to use a small funnel or make a paper cone. My glitter bottle had a pretty good opening for perfect pouring, so I was able to do it without a funnel.

3. Covering the opening with a paper towel, shake and swirl until the inside is completely covered with glitter.  If you need more glitter, just pour more in. Shake out excess glitter.

How to Make Glittered Glass Ornaments |

4.  Set the ornament upside down with the opening facing the bottom of your dixie cup.  As you can see I used small take out boxes…….because I have 14,000 of these. I learned if I fold down the sides, they hold my ornaments perfectly. This allows them to dry with no pooling of excess liquid or glitter. Dry at least 6 hours before placing the ornament hanger back on.


How to Make Painted Ornaments

How to Make Painted Glass Ornaments |

1. Pour a liberal amount of acrylic paint into your glass ornament.

How to Make painted Glass Ornaments |

2. Swirl or gently shake so paint is covering the entire inside of the ornaments.

3. Place upside down in your dixie cup to drain. Let it dry for at least 24 hours. Place your ornament hanger back on and enjoy!

how to glitter and paint glass ornaments | TodaysCreativeBlog.netDIY Glittered or Painted Christmas Ornaments |



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  1. says

    These are great! I’m going to pick up some supplies and make these with a friend’s daughter the next time I babysit!

      • Kate Denby says

        If you did want to put glitter on the outside, to prevent it from coming off all over when project complete spray the whole outside down with spray glue to seal it.

  2. Shana says

    Such a fun craft & so easy! I read about the craft this morning & thought what a great idea for mom & daughter day. We walked to target, got all of the items & are having a great time making glitter ornaments. Thank for sharing.

    • says

      HA! Well I’m glad you enjoyed it. I never watch the replay. My double chin always shocks me. I think I’ll go have some apple pie now. :)

  3. Sallie says

    I have had trouble with the paint drying. I’ve had ornaments drying upside down in egg crates for over 48 hours and the paint is still wet! I have tried blow drying them and putting them in the oven on 200 for a while, but nothing seems to help. Any tips?

    • says

      What kind of paint did you use? If most of the paint has drained out, it’s fine to put the little hanger back in and hang. Just wipe the edge if you have any wet paint around it.