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Lisa is yet another talented decorating blogger I met back in April while attending SNAP.  Completely down to earth……just the way I like people.  I learned that Lisa has 9 children! 9! Lives on a farm in Texas and home schools. WOW!  Talk about an over achiever.   I looked pretty lazy sitting next to her with my arsenal of one child and living in the suburbs. :)  Somehow she manages all her decorating projects in between all her other responsibilities.

The Pennington Point


DIY Decorating Projects

Lisa’s home is filled with DIY decorating ideas.  I was in awe with how she gets so much done, but then I realized she has 9 kids to help her! I’m still in awe, but now I’m realizing I should have had more children!

She has the most adorable home school area set up in her dining room area with their own home school table…….which has a different tablescape often.  These timing glasses are GREAT!  I’ve never seen them so big. I wonder what’s she teaching them? I bet it’s really about her next DIY project list. :)decorating your table


One of her DIY projects she created for her porch.  Framing a screen and painted a flag! Brilliant! Of course she’s got a tutorial for those of us needing more instruction. Love it!

decorate your porch for 4th of July

Click Here to see a Flag Tutorial

I am really loving this DIY Clock.  She had her boys help her………great power tool lesson.  What a perfect addition to this room.   And because she’s nice………she’s also got a tutorial on this too.

diy project

I was lost in her blog for at least 2 hours.  Her writing style is a nice read and all the photos of different projects or decorating progress are just what we creative girls love.

decorating ideas for your home

  1. Just a simple DIY Framed project- yep there’s a tutorial.
  2. She has an Etsy Shop filled with cute things like this.  Darling! I’ve got my eye on a pillow.
  3. Her mantle. Would you look at all the vintage stuff?  Love it! And all those clocks?  Printed out from The Graphics Fairy. Once again, brilliant.
  4. Her patio…….CUTE! The rustic look makes this space look like the perfect place to relax for the afternoon. Using her resources and imagination gave this space a one of a kind look.  Now we can all copy it. :)

I think you’ll enjoy Lisa’s blog and I KNOW you’ll be inspired!  Go tell her it’s the “best day of her life”!

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  1. says

    I think I was introduced to Lisa’s blog through Organizing Made Fun — I was hooked. I love her fun writing style, her cute DIY projects, and her ability to roll with the punches. And I must have (as in get my hubby to help me make it) her Framed Screen Texas Flag. Your post about Lisa made me smile today!

  2. Bracha Pickering says

    Any idea how one can access the “Standing Clock Tutorial” over at Pennington Point? Nothing about it on your site is a hotlink and I did a search at her site for standing clocks and received the following:
    Sorry, but no results were found
    Don’t give up—try another search!

    So I tried another search, less specific this time, just clocks, and found mantel piece clocks, and that she gives clocks to all her kiddos … but no standing clocks.


    • Kim says

      I’ve added a link. Sorry about that. All items can be found on her blog under the Decorating category.

  3. Lisa~ says

    What a shocker to see myself here! Kim you’re a hoot and I enjoyed you so much at SNAP.

    Thanks for only showing my best side and not posting about how I wet myself in the parking lot at IKEA or when my skirt fell off at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

    Love ya! Lisa~

  4. Kathryn Cain says

    yes I visit her blog too…and think she does the cutest….creative stuff…woweeee and next spring a blog get together I will visit,like the one they recently had….The clock,was so funny I picked up this frame for hanging a dress and kept thinking what can I do with this ,Tripped on this and thought o yea…do a clock and calandar..when I gett it done I will post and give her a Kuddo’s for the idea.