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My newest crush is on decoupage.  I always think it’s much harder and I always have to review the “how to decoupage” instructions before each project.  That’s because I’m not always a confident crafter and I’m just not convinced it’s as easy as I remember.  I hate craft fails.

how to decoupage

How To Do Decoupage

First gather the appropriate supplies.  My instructions and the supplies I photographed are the ones I used for this particular project.   You only need the mod podge if you are only going to decoupage.

Craft Supplies

  1. Mod Podge Matte (it comes in many varieties)
  2. Mod Podge Sparkle
  3. Acrylic Paints
  4. Crackle Paint Medium (martha stewart)
  5. Vintage maps (new ones work too)
  6. Old dictionary pages (or any book pages)
  7. Sponge brushes
  8. Wooden Tray

craft project supplies

Decoupage Tray Instructions

  1. Paint your handles and sides of the tray with any desired color. I used turquoise.  Once dry, brush over painted surface with your crackle medium. Allow to dry.
  2. Choose your second paint color.  I chose white.  Paint over the crackle medium.  As it dries, you’ll notice it start to crackle.
    craft supplies martha stewart
  3. Paint Mod Podge Matte over the inside bottom of the tray where you want your map to go. Place your pre-cut map piece over the wet mod podge. Paint another coat of either the matte mod podge or use the sparkle like I did.  (it’s very subtle)  Let it dry.
  4. Cut your dictionary pieces in desired shapes and repeat steps for mod podge.  Wet the area you first with mod podge, place your dictionary pieces down, continue to brush over it with mod podge.  Let dry.
  5. I placed a number stamp using black acrylic paint.

Decoupage Project

I am loving my new tray.  I have been wanting to use my vintage maps for a while now.  Decoupage is such a forgiving craft medium. I’m thinking I may decoupage a table of mine.

craft project docoupage

If you’ve been too afraid to try decoupage, I hope my instructions have persuaded you.  Honestly…… smear it on, place your paper or fabric, and smear some more on.  If I can do it, so can you!

decoupage projects

I’ve got some outdoor mod podge I’m going to try too.  How cute to create a few things for the patio.

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  1. Julie says

    You now have given me the confidence to try Modge Podge and taught me how to crackle finish which I have been to scared to try-my new crush is you and your tutorials great job thank you

  2. says

    Love your choice of colors and images! You’re also so good with photography…do you realize you have a true talent for it? Your compositions and elements and color schemes are really eye-pleasing and dare I say, magazine-worthy! 😉

  3. Libby says

    Love this project – in fact, I pinned it early this morning before I saw the email! :) I’m getting ready to tackle a HUGE mod podge project. I bought a large (48×51″) vintage map; unfortunatley it has some weak spots in the backing, so I’m gonna mod podge it onto a giant painter’s canvas. Yikes! Kind of scary, even though I have mod podged a lot!

  4. susan says

    LOVE IT! and I love that it’s baaaack :) when boxing up MaPa ‘s house that dear momma o mine had saved so much of what I’d made for her in my original DIY phase. Mostly college, when I embroidered a monogrammed linens set for their anniversary, and yes, a mod poshed ” counter set ” including recipe box, napkin holder, and I forget the other. She still had my Sacajawea I made in pottery even. Right there with her counter set. And I remembered how fun it was. And now they have outdoor mod podge? Lookout everything! 😀

  5. Angela Nickoli says

    What a great idea! I just pinned it and I can’t wait to do it. I’ve never done this before, but I’m ready to try. The biggest decision is: to match the decor or do something a little more fun?

  6. Calligraphy by Jennifer says

    Do you know if you can do this project with real photos? Does it have to be maps or if so what type of paper? Thanks!!

    • Kim says

      Jen, I haven’t tried real photos yet, but I’ve seen other projects with them. I would check the queen of all mod podge queens, Amy with