Homemade Gift Ideas


Homemade gifts are the best!  My featured blogger makes it easy to come up with homemade gift ideas. Making your own gifts are usually less expensive and mean so much more to the recipient. She’s got plenty of homemade gift ideas!

Fly Through Our Window ~ The account of our nest

She has a good wholesome blog with really cute kids and with a few ideas to help you get started with a few homemade gift ideas.

Any babies on your list?  Or anyone with babies on your list?

Homemade Baby Gifts

They’ll really enjoy these stamped onesies.  I love onesie’s.  I think I dressed my son in them every day until he was potty trained.  Easy tutorial on her site.

Homemade Gift – RICE BAG

My sister made me something similar to this, but with corn……dried corn…….because fresh would be gross.  I also have a rice bag that I use often.  They really do keep the heat for a bit.  Another great tutorial on her site.  Looks like you need minimal sewing talents.

Personalized Gift

This could come in handy if you’d like to make your own labels for your Christmas cards.  But really, they would also make a great gift.  I love the tutorial she did. 

Sewing Gift

Who knew you could sew your own ruffles on socks…….maybe if I had a little girl, I would have figured this out.  Great gift idea for your daughters friends.  Or any little princess in the family.  It was  matter of time before I saw something shiny and got distracted by her remodeling photos!  Would you look at this tranformation?  Holy Cow Francis!    Love it.  What a difference.She’s got a WHOLE list of house renovations for you to drool over.  I really can’t ever get enough of before and after shots.

Here’s her home BEFORE.

And here it is AFTER!

UGH!  The before photos are so frustrating! I bet she couldn’t get that wallpaper up fast enough.  I can just imagine the amount of fits I would have had.

I’m loving how she opened this home up……..added updated features.  It doesn’t even look like the same house.  You know what I love the most?  That fabric on those chairs……it’s the same fabric I have in my family room and kitchen chair pads.  I knew I liked her style.

So if you’re in holiday mode, looking for gift ideas, then head over to her site.  If you’re looking for decor ideas……..head on over.  If you just want to look at a darling family…….head on over.



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  1. EFY says

    I’m with you on the remodel. Great improvements. Looks like quite a bit of time invested. We are just beginning some repairs here and hope to incorporate improvements as we go.


  2. says

    One of my favorite bloggers. I’ve been reading her blog for a long time. Love all her stuff. Have you seen her roman shades? Amazing.