Decoupage Ideas – Vintage Map Table Top

It’s no secret that my new obsession is using mod podge to decoupage my vintage maps on everything I can think of. I have so many decoupage ideas swimming around in my head! I tend to over do everything.  Like my love of numbers.  Right now my house is full of vintage maps and numbers.


I’ve been dying to decoupage this little side table for a couple of years.  I finally did it!  I love it! It’s not perfect…….a few tiny bubbles…….but it’s perfect to me.

Decoupage a table

I found this table at our local antique mall.  Perfect to decoupage. I love the base which ironically is very similar to my dining room table legs. Reminds me of bell bottom pants.


before and after decoupaged table

On a whim, I carried this baby upstairs to my craft room, wiped the dust off and started brushing on the Mod Podge.  Within minutes, I had a new table.  I used the outdoor Mod Podge for the top layer.  I figured it would seal it better.

I called my son in to look at it because I knew he would think his mom was all cool……..his words were “so……you just……..(snapped)  did this?”  That made me feel like super woman. (because we should all base our value on what a 13 year old boy thinks of our craft projects)

decoupage ideas

I think it’s the perfect way to add vintage charm and a little bit of blue into my home.

decorating with maps decoupage ideas



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  1. Marianne says

    Hi! It looks great! If you want to get rid of bubbles pop them with a pin and put some of the Mod Podge underneath and it should lay flat. Also when you do your next project with a map if you use a brayer or an old rolling pin it will help to not have these bubbles. You can use acrylic paint sealer and the finish isn’t as sticky as Mod Podge. All Purpose Sealer by Jo Sonja is a good one. I hope these ideas help you. I used to teach painting and we used these techniques with paper and fabric. Thanks for sharing your blogs with all of us. I enjoy reading what other people are doing.

    • Johanna says

      I just mod podged my grandbaby’s dresser & found out that the BEST way to prevent bubbles, is to apply the mod podge to the surface until it gets a bit tacky. Then apply the mod podge to the paper. You don’t have to rush to get the paper on. Put it where you want it and smooth it out. You shouldn’t have any trouble with bubbles. When it’s dry, put on a top coat or two. It worked GREAT for me! BTW … the table is REALLY cute!

  2. says

    “So you just (snap) did this?!” HAHAHA, LOVE IT! Your table turned out great! I love how adding something so simple like a map brings color interest to the seating area! I’m pinning & tweeting this one Kim!
    Kim @ Sand & Sisal :)

  3. says

    Love how you transformed the table with a map and mod podge. Brilliant! I’ve been wanting to do something similar with one of those Lack Ikea side tables, but I didn’t know what to put on top. I’ll try the outdoor mod podge. Love it!

  4. says

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! Can’t believe your son has such sweet opinions on your work- my boys don’t do that:)

  5. says

    I’m starting to catch your addiction to maps…can that be addicting? I love Marianne’s idea about the old rolling pin…but really, I could use my regular rolling pin…it isn’t like I use it for anything else! 😉 The maps make me want to run & get my copy of Flea Market Finds…with all those great colors from the globe, I fell asleep reading it & I’m pretty sure I was dreaming of world travel or at least covering the nightstand I inherited from my grandma with maps!!!

  6. Carol Pellman says

    Hi, i too mod podged a map onto a table, but i IRONED my map first to get out the fold marks. It worked perfectly!