DIY Faux Patina

As part of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Team, we are given a monthly challenge along with a budget of gift cards. This month we were told to do something with the Color of the Year, Pantone Emerald Green. First I panicked, because currently NOTHING in my house would go with this color.  After a few days of thinking….. I thought I could try doing a DIY Faux Patina.


pantone Color of the Year Emerald Green


DIY Faux Patina


DIY Faux Patina | Create your own aged patina |

I’ve always loved an aged patina look and thought this would be perfect for aged flower buckets, or pots.

diy patina

Now that I had a plan, I quickly headed to Lowe’s to have my Pantone Color mixed up, grab a few tin buckets, plants, dirt and a new drop cloth.  I loved the “messy approach” for this project.  Which translates into a large margin for error.  Once I figured out what would work, I took photos of each step to make it easy for you.

How to Paint Faux Patina

How to paint faux patina

  1. Head to Lowe’s and gather all the supplies needed: black spray paint, Pantone Emerald Green paint, copper paint, paint brushes, and bucket. (don’t forget and old rag)
  2. Paint your bucket with a copper paint.  I used an acrylic paint because I had it.  But I’m thinking a copper spray paint would have worked better. Let the paint dry completely before step 3.
  3. Spray on a flat or semi flat black spray paint.
  4. While it’s still wet, dab and gently wipe with a rag. Allow to dry
  5. Brush on the Pantone Color of the Year, Emerald Green.
  6. While it’s still wet, use a rag to wipe and smear gently. The more texture your item has, the more places for the green color to collect……..this is a good thing.

I had my husband drill a hole in the bottom in case I wanted to use them outside.  I’ll have to remember to place a saucer underneath while using them indoors.

Fill your buckets with whatever your heart desires. During the spring they’re housing my primroses, and this summer I plan on using mine for herbs for my patio.

Make a patina bucket

I’m kind of tickled on how good they turned out.  I’ve never tried painting a faux patina before, but I must say……….it’s very forgiving and it was very easy.  My kind of project!

diy patina

Now you can DIY Faux Patina too!

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  1. says

    Hi there! This project seemed so easy and I love faux anything!! Having a disability, it’s hard to do projects that requires real elbow grease! SO I appreciate the ease of this one:) I do have a question….with planting in pails lke these, is there a need to drill holes in the bottom of them so that they drain? I have found that with no drainage, fungus can grow in the dirt…right? thanks again, Jules:)

    • says

      We did end up drilling a hole in the bottom. I thought this way, I could either place a pot inside OR plant with dirt.

  2. Kim says

    I just finished this project and I love how they turned out!!! Did you put a clear coat on yours? Want to use them outside so I wonder if they would hold up better with one?